List of Shakugan No Shana Episodes - Anime Series - Shakugan No Shana Second (2007-2008)

Shakugan No Shana Second (2007-2008)

No. Title Original airdate
01 "The Second Time"
"Futatabi no Koku" (再びの刻)
October 5, 2007
Yuji has been put to sleep by a Denizen as he encounters events from the past in a dream. When he realize he was only dreaming, the spell was broken. He awoke to see Shana destroying the Denizen, Mare, calling it "weak". However, it was not the true form.
02 "The Beginning of Everything"
"Subete no Joshō" (全ての序章)
October 12, 2007
Shana learns how to make home-made melon bread for Yuji, while he does his training with Wilhelmina. They discover Yuji's Power of Existence is greater than before, because of Hecate. At school, Yuji is placed in a dream again by Mare, along with Shana and Kazumi, in another plot to steal the Midnight Lost Child. But he is saved thanks to a Keeper unknowingly place on it.
03 "The Suspicious Transfer Student"
"Giwaku no Tenkōsei" (疑惑の転校生)
October 19, 2007
A student that looks very much like Hecate has transferred into Yuji's class, Fumina Konoe. By using a Seal, Shana wants to make sure if she is Hecate or not. Also, another Denizen appears to Shana and Konoe.
04 "The Distressed Girls"
"Urei no Shōjotachi" (憂いの少女達)
October 26, 2007
Yuji and Ogata helps Konoe get used to life at school. The classmates, including Konoe go to a newly opened restaurant. Shana and Kazumi grow jealous of Konoe's attachment to Yuji. Both experience unusual behaviors.
05 "The Family Dinner Table"
"Kazoku no Shokutaku" (家族の食卓)
November 2, 2007
Shana and Kazumi continue brooding over Konoe and Yuji's growing relationship; Wilhelmina starts taking parenting advice from Chigusa and tried to cook a home-made meal for Shana. Ike lets Yuji know to be considerate of those around him.
06 "Eve of Trouble"
"Shiren no Zenya" (試練の前夜)
November 9, 2007
School resumes and the class teacher springs a surprise test on the class. Ogata suggests everyone stay at Satou's place for an overnight study session and reluctantly Shana comes as well. Margery Daw ends up giving insightful advice to Ogata and Kazumi on their relationships with those of which they love. They and Shana finally gain their confidence back.
07 "Hayato Ike, His Day of Glory"
"Ike Hayato, Eikō no Hi" (池速人, 栄光の日)
November 16, 2007
Ike suggested to visit the amusement park as a welcome for Konoe, but the carefully planned outing turns out all wrong when he miscalculated certain events. His underlying plan of impressing Kazumi was believed to be ruined initially, but he resorted to asking Kazumi to ride the Ferris wheel with him, which he was confident he would not get sick in. But mid way through the ride, he got sick. The ending dedicates Konoe thanking Ike for the outing. With Kazumi giving a smile to Ike, he ends off his unlucky day.
08 "The Door to the Past"
"Kako e no Tobira" (過去への扉)
November 23, 2007
Starting off with Yuji being trained by Shana and Wilhelmina. Yuji managed to somehow defeat a Rinne that Wilhelmina summoned. In the background, Satou, one of Margery Daw's guides was silently observing, after which Satou returns and tried to plead with Margery Daw to be requested to be trained. However Margery Daw declines and subsequently tells Satou and Tanaka about her past. In her past, there appears a boy as a flame haze and the story subsequently plot around the boy and Margery Daw. The Boy is revealed to be named Yuri Chvojka.
09 "The Milestone of Sorrow"
"Kanashimi no Mairusutōn" (悲しみのマイルストーン)
November 30, 2007
Yuji is training with Shana in order to learn how to cast a Seal. The story shifts back to Margery's past, where she approaches to take down the two Denizens, one of which called Anabel lures her into a trap where Sydonay manages to inflict a fatal wound on her. Just as they are about to kill Margery, Yuri comes to attack, managing to save Margery. However, Yuri becomes fatally wounded and dies in battle, ending it in a draw. The story shifts back to Yuji's training where he succeeds in casting a Seal, however, the flame of the Seal is silver. Shana and Alastor are surprised when they see the flame. Coincidentally, Margery's long hated enemy also had a silver flame.
10 "The Man who Returned"
"Kaettekita Otoko" (帰って来た男)
December 7, 2007
Yuji is perplex about his silver flame. A mysterious man appears near Yuji's home, and is spotted by Shana when he is following her and Kazumi. Shana instead plans to ambush the suspicious man, and afterwards attempts to kick him. He manages to dodge the attack and is revealed to be Yuji's dad, Kantaro. Chigusa and Kantaro give advice to Shana and Kazumi about their affection towards Yuji.
11 "The Promised Pair"
"Yakusoku no Futari" (約束の二人)
December 14, 2007
The culture festival is approaching, and everyone in school is putting finishing touches in preparation for it. Shana's friendship with Kazumi becomes closer. Wilhelmina returns with the research on the Midnight Lost Child's Keeper and she meets up with Shana and Yuji to explain its origins. It is revealed to be a treasure created by Crimson Lord Pheles to ensure that her lover Johan—a Mystes like Yuji would not die and stay with her forever. However, the pair was defeated somehow and the Midnight Lost Child was lost, later being teleported inside Yuji. After hearing that they also tell her about the Silver. Wilhelmina warns Yuji and Shana to be on their guard against the possible return of Pheles to retrieve the Midnight Lost Child.
12 "The Clear Autumn Festival Begins"
"Seishū Sai Hajimaru" (清秋祭始まる)
December 21, 2007
Shana and the others enter the culture festival. Wilhelmina decides to delay telling Margery about Yuji's silver. Wilhelmina drags her to the festival to see Shana and the others. Margery eventually agrees to wait for the following night for Wilhelmina to tell her the entire truth of silver. Ike is exhausted throughout the whole event. Meanwhile Yuji, Shana and Kazumi ended up qualifying for the Grand Prix. In the end, Shana ended up winning the best costume award. She plans to confess her love to Yuji on stage and just as she was about to do so, Yuji's hands touched another girl's hand. The girl was mentioned earlier in the episode to be Alice, and just as Yuji's hand touched her, a tornado appeared. Pheles had made her appearance in front of Yuji, much to the surprise of the Shana and the other Flame Hazes.
13 "Convergence, Then an Omen"
"Shūsoku, Soshite Kizashi" (収束, そして兆し)
January 11, 2008
A Seal was uncontrollably set up by Yuji, causing Margery to go berserk upon seeing the color of the flame. Wilhelmina attempts to control the Interpreter of Condolence while Shana prevents Pheles from taking the Midnight Lost Child out of Yuji. Margery attempts to attack the source of the silver flame in her blind rage, but Yuji was protected by his anti-flame ring and Pheles, who was weakening significantly, with Shana and Wilhelmina working together to restrain both. After Satou and Tanaka plead with Margery to listen to an explanation, Margery realizes her folly and calms down, but only to question Yuji about what he is. Pheles then explains that Johan is inside the Midnight Lost Child and it is not what it was meant to be, and requests The Interpreter of Condolence to check it. Margery then restores everything back to normal with the help of Wilhelmina's ribbons and Yuji's Power of Existence.
14 "Eternal Lovers"
"Eien no Koibito" (永遠の恋人)
January 18, 2008
As Pheles recovers, she reveals the secret of the Midnight Lost Child, but even she says she does not know what is wrong with the Treasure Tool. Although Pheles is not trusted by the others, Yoshida invites her to attend the festival and Yuji agrees helping Pheles to survive by giving her some of his Power of Existence. At the end of the festival, Pheles true self awakes and she tries to get her beloved Johan back. When Pheles comes close to Yuji, a silver arm comes out of his Treasure Tool, piercing Pheles.
15 "Awakening"
"Kakusei" (覚醒)
January 25, 2008
The Silver awakens within Yuji due to Pheles's second attempt to free Johan. Hecate's secret is finally revealed and seals the Silver inside Yuji's Treasure Tool. She absorbs Fumina Konoe, joins together with Fecor in the fight. When Yuji gets caught in the shockwaves of the battle, Johan is freed and Pheles once again gets to see Johan, Shana gets worried. In the end, Johan turns back to Yuji, Shana hugs him, and Pheles claims she will not go after the Midnight Lost Child because Johan instructed her not to.
16 "Everlasting Love"
"Tsukisenu Omoi" (つきせぬ想い)
February 1, 2008
The festival ends without any more disruptions, and it seems that everybody forgot about Konoe. Before Pheles left, she gives Yoshida a secret Treasure Tool. She wants Yoshida to use this cross shaped Treasure Tool, Giralda, when something strange is happening to Yuji. It will summon Pheles, but to do so, the human who uses it will disappear due to the limited Power of Existence. Yuji requests to get the sword Blutsauger (that was used by Sorath) as a weapon for him to fight with.
17 "Respective Paths"
"Sorezore no Michi" (それぞれの道)
February 8, 2008
Tanaka still suffers because of Margery's attack where she nearly killed Ogata. Yuji is slowly improving in fighting with a sword by training with Shana. Meanwhile, Satou and Tanaka meet in front of a convenience store to talk. Tanaka decides to live a normal life with Ogata and leave Satou and Margery.
18 "The Intricate Yuji"
"Sakusō no Yūji" (錯綜の悠二)
February 15, 2008
Yuji continues his training; to use his silver flame as if he was possessed by something. Shana and Kazumi is concerned about Yuji's sudden change when Chigusa suddenly gets ill. Also a Denizen called Zarovee appears in Misaki City.
19 "Matters That Could Not Be Said"
"Ienakatta Koto" (言えなかったこと)
February 22, 2008
Yuji is confused by Shana and Kazumi's words. While thinking about their words, he is ambushed by a cloning Denizen who has a secret plan Yuji must uncover. Yuji eventually uncovers the plan, and with the help of Tanaka, is able to inform the Flame Hazes. He casts his silver Seal and dispatches all of the cloned Denizen, while Shana and Wilhelmina defeat the hidden Wanderer Denizen. Just as they kill the Denizen, a new flame appears in the recesses of the ruins induced in the fight.
20 "The Scarlet Death Struggle"
"Akaneiro no Shitō" (茜色の死闘)
February 29, 2008
The Destructive Blade, Sabrac appears from the explosion that engulf Yuji and everyone else. The overwhelming roar of ruby flames covers Misaki city. Even with heavy wounds, Wilhelmina still faces her nemesis Sabrac; the enemy that she used to fight along with Pheles and Johan.
21 "Merging Powers"
"Awaseru Chikara" (合わさる力)
March 7, 2008
Wilhelmina struggles against Sabrac who appears to be invincible. Yuji gathers Shana, Margery, Kazumi and Keisaku, and devises a plan to defeat Sabrac. They are successful in severing his energy reserves while Wilhelmina distracts him, and without Power of Existence to draw on, Sabrac loses two more swords and finally falls to Nietono no Shana.
22 "Christmas Eve"
"Kurisumasu•Evu" (クリスマス•イブ)
March 14, 2008
Shana is curious about babies, after Yuji heard from his dad that his mother is pregnant. Shana and Kazumi decide to write letters to Yuji, professing their feelings toward him through written words on letters and waits for him on Christmas Eve at the clock tower. Hecate suddenly appears and removes the Midnight Lost Child from Yuji despite the Keeper. Ike also confesses his love for Kazumi.
23 "The Early Movements of Peril"
"Kinan no Taidō" (危難の胎動)
March 21, 2008
Yuji's Midnight Lost Child had been taken out by Hecate, who suddenly appeared alone unexpectedly, and is transferred to the Denizen with the Silver Flame. Bal Masqué's secret weapon, the Statue of Pride, finally starts to move, with the Denizen with the Silver Flame at its heart. Johan tells Kazumi that the Midnight Lost Child has been taken from Yuji. Meanwhile, Shana, Margery and Wilhelmina manage to get into the blue sphere to save Yuji. While they get there Margery is severely injured by Sydonay.
24 "That Which Must Be Protected"
"Mamoru beki Mono" (守るべきもの)
March 27, 2008
The Statue of Pride is about to be born. When Yuji picks his sword up, he screams the name of the one he desires to protect, Shana. After a fierce battle with the members of Bal Masqué, Shana is eventually able to break through and enter the Statue of Pride. She meets up with Yuji, and they run to fight the Denizen at the heart of the Statue of Pride. Shana and Yuji fight together and eventually manage to beat the Denizen when it hesitate with Konoe's feelings within it, and Yuji regains the Midnight Lost Child. With the heart destroyed, the Statue of Pride collapses, and Bal Masqué retreats.

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