List of Seaports - Arctic Ocean

Arctic Ocean

  • Akureyri, Iceland
  • Arkhangelsk, Russia
  • Barrow, Alaska, United States
  • Belomorsk, Russia
  • Churchill, Manitoba, Canada
  • Dikson, Russia
  • Dudinka, Russia
  • Hammerfest, Norway
  • Honningsvåg, Norway
  • Kandalaksha, Russia
  • Igarka, Russia
  • Kirkenes, Norway
  • Murmansk, Russia
  • Naryan-Mar, Russia
  • Severomorsk, Russia
  • Tiksi, Russia
  • Pevek, Russia
  • Prudhoe Bay, Alaska, United States
  • Vardø, Norway
  • Vitino, Russia

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... This period of setting sun also roughly corresponds to summer in the Arctic ... The rest of the Arctic will have the sun get lower in the sky and receive progressively shorter days ... As the Arctic continues receiving energy from the sun during this time, the land, which is mostly free of snow by now, can warm up on clear days when ...
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Famous quotes containing the words ocean and/or arctic:

    So gladly, from the songs of modern speech
    Men turn, and see the stars, and feel the free
    Shrill wind beyond the close of heavy flowers,
    And through the music of the languid hours,
    They hear like ocean on a western beach
    The surge and thunder of the Odyssey.
    Andrew Lang (1844–1912)

    Does the first wild-goose care
    whether the others follow or not?
    I don’t think so he is so happy to be off
    he knows where he is going
    so we must be drawn or we must fly,
    like the snow-geese of the Arctic circle.
    Hilda Doolittle (1886–1961)