List of Sam Trans Bus Lines - Community Bus Lines

Community Bus Lines

These bus lines are community bus service that serves local schools, and senior centers within the local regions. These bus lines are identified as two digit line numbers.

Route Terminals Areas Served Notes Links
14 Loop service to/from Highway 1 and Linda Mar Boulevard
Linda Mar Park and Ride
  • Route operates clockwise and counterclockwise loops on weekdays.
  • On Weekends and Holidays, route operates clockwise loops only.
Schedule and Route Map (PDF)
Terra Nova High School
Hickey Boulevard and Gateway Drive
Daly City
Pacifica, Daly City Schedule and Route Map (PDF)
17 Main Street and 7th Street
Miramontes Point Road and Maidenhair Walk
Half Moon Bay
Pacifica, El Granada, Montara, Moss Beach, Half Moon Bay Limited weekday-only service provided beyond Half Moon Bay, serving the communities of San Gregorio and Pescadero. Schedule and Route Map (PDF)
Highway 1 and Linda Mar Boulevard
Linda Mar Park and Ride
Old Country Road and San Francisco Avenue
South San Francisco
Mission Street and Bismark Street
Daly City
Daly City, San Francisco, South San Francisco, Brisbane Schedule and Route Map (PDF)
Del Monte Avenue and Romney Avenue
South San Francisco
Gellert Avenue and Victoria Street
Daly City
Daly City, South San Francisco Schedule and Route Map (PDF)
Evergreen Drive and Mission Road
South San Francisco
Callan Boulevard and Wembley Drive
Daly City
Daly City, South San Francisco Schedule and Route Map (PDF)
38 Colma BART Station Safe Harbor Shelter
San Bruno
Colma, San Bruno, South San Francisco Operates mornings from Safe Harbor, evenings to Safe Harbor Schedule and Route Map (PDF)
San Bruno BART Station
Airport Boulevard and Linden Avenue
South San Francisco
Murichson Drive and Magnolia Avenue
San Bruno BART Station San Bruno, Millbrae, Burlingame Schedule and Route Map (PDF)
Arundel Way and Trousdale Drive
Howard Avenue and Arundel Road
Burlingame Schedule and Route Map (PDF)
Peninsula Avenue and Humboldt Street
Edinburgh Street and Rhus Street
San Mateo
San Mateo, Burlingame Schedule and Route Map (PDF)
Loop service to/from Hillsdale Boulevard and Norfolk Street
Foster City
Foster City Schedule and Route Map (PDF)
Poplar Avenue and El Camino Real
San Mateo
Edinburgh Street and Barneson Avenue
San Mateo
San Mateo Schedule and Route Map (PDF)
Borel Avenue and Edinburgh Street
San Mateo
Polhemus Road and Tower Road
San Mateo
San Mateo Schedule and Route Map (PDF)
Northumberland Avenue and Marlborough Avenue
Redwood City
Selby Lane and Serrano Drive
Redwood City
Redwood City Schedule and Route Map (PDF)
Clifford Avenue and Victoria Manor
San Carlos
G Street and Industrial Road
Redwood City
Redwood City, Atherton Schedule and Route Map (PDF)
Santa Cruz Avenue and Elder Avenue
Bay Road and Marsh Road
Menlo Park
Menlo Park, Atherton, Palo Alto Schedule and Route Map (PDF)
Middlefield Road and Ringwood Avenue
Menlo Park
Skyline Boulevard and La Honda Drive
Portola Valley
Woodside, Portola Valley, Palo Alto, Menlo Park Schedule and Route Map (PDF)

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