List of Sahaba Not Giving Bay'ah To Abu Bakr

List Of Sahaba Not Giving Bay'ah To Abu Bakr


Father Uthman Abu Quhafa
Mother Salma Umm-ul-Khair
Brother(s) • Mu'taq
(Presumably - Middle)
• Utaiq
(Presumably - Youngest)
• Quhafah ibn Uthman
Sister(s) • Fadra
• Qareeba
• Umme-e-aamer
Spouse(s) • Qutaylah (Divorced)
• Um Ruman
• Asma bint Umays
• Habibah
Son(s) • Abdullah
• Abdu'l-Rahman
• Muhammad
Daughter(s) • Asma
• 'Aa'ishah
• Umm Khultum
Genealogy Family tree of Abu Bakr
Descendants Siddiqui Reign

8 June 632 - 23 August 634

This is a list of Sahaba not giving bay'ah to Abu Bakr. The Sahaba were the companions of Muhammad; bay'ah is the Islamic term for a formal oath of allegiance.

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