List of Rulers of Bengal

This is a list of rulers of Bengal. For much of its history, Bengal was split up into several independent kingdoms, completely unifying only several times. In ancient times, Bengal consisted of the kingdoms of Pundra, Suhma, Anga, Vanga, Rarh and Harikela. Along with Bihar, parts of northwestern Bengal were also incorporated into the kingdom of Magadha.

Under the Mauryas, much of Bengal was conquered save for the far eastern Bengali kingdoms which continued to exist as tributary states before succumbing to the Guptas. With the fall of the Gupta Empire, Bengal was united under a single local ruler, Shashanka, for the first time. With the collapse of his kingdom, Bengal split up into petty kingdoms once more.

With the rise of Gopala, Bengal was united once more under the Pala Empire, Chandra dynasty, Sena dynasty and deva dynasty. After them, Bengal was ruled by the Muslim dynasties followed by the British. In 1947, Bengal was partitioned, making West Bengal part of India and the East Bengal part of Pakistan. East Bengal then became an independent country, Bangladesh, following the Bangladesh Liberation War.

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