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Elite Guard

  • Ultra Magnus (Jeff Bennett)
Ultra Magnus is the leader of the Elite Guard and the supreme commander of the Autobots, turning into a Heavy Expanded Mobility Tactical Truck. He wields the Magnus Hammer (passed down to him from the previous Magnus, Powered Convoy), a powerful tool that can discharge electricity and command lighting bolts. Magnus serves as a father figure to Optimus and believes that has the potential to be a great leader, and is the one who gave him the rank of "Prime". In "Where Is Thy Sting?", Shockwave brutally attacks Ultra Magnus and steals the Magnus Hammer, which is later stolen back by Ratchet, and eventually given to Optimus. If a fourth season had been made, Magnus was to have died from his injuries.
  • Sentinel Prime (Townsend Coleman)
Sentinel Prime is Optimus' best friend turned rival and Ultra Magnus's second in command, who turns into a snowplow truck. Unlike previous incarnations, Sentinel is hot-headed,and often acts rudely to Optimus and his team. He is also very arrogant, afraid of organics, and often rushes into things without thinking. His main weapon is a shield that can generate force fields and can be thrown. He also wields a lance and a battle mask (the latter of which was only seen in "The Return of the Headmaster"). He later becomes "Acting Magnus" following Shockwave's attack on Ultra Magnus, and slowly begins to instate a military dictatorship. If a fourth season was made, there would have been an episode where Sentinel would have attempted to use the AllSpark Matrix to destroy Megatron in order to secure his position as Magnus.
  • Jazz (Phil LaMarr)
Jazz is a cool, stylish member of the Elite Guard, who turns into a futuristic sports car. Like Prowl, he was trained as a Cyber-Ninja by Yoketron, who gave him a pair of nunchucks. When he first arrives to Earth in "The Elite Guard", he immediately becomes fascinated with Earth's culture, as he likes to explore worlds outside of Cybertron. In "This Is Why I Hate Machines", he resigns from the Elite Guard and joins Optimus Prime's crew on Earth. If a fourth season was made, Jazz would have been promoted to the main cast.
  • Jetfire and Jetstorm (Tom Kenny and Phil LaMarr, respectively)
Jetfire and Jetstorm are twin Autobots coded with Decepticon flight DNA, making them the first ever flying Autobots, turning into Cybertronian jets.They like to joke with each other, and speak with Russian accents. The major difference between the two characters is that Jetfire is orange and can control fire, while Jetstorm is blue and can control wind. They can combine into a powerful brute called Safeguard, who is considered one of the most powerful Autobots.
  • Warpath (David Kaye)
Warpath is a tough member of the Elite Guard who turns into a Cybertronian tank. He only appears in two episodes, both in flashbacks: the three-parter "Transwarped" and "Five Servos of Doom". He is a former student of Yoketron, and after Yoketron was murdered, Warpath modified the sonic radar on his chest into a pulse cannon.

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