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Deceased Autobots

  • Yoketron (George Takei)
Yoketron is a wise old Autobot responsible for training ninja-bots, but more importantly, protecting the Autobot's cache of protoforms, which would have been used if Project Omega had failed. He trained Prowl in the ways of the ninja, and hoped to have Prowl become his replacement. However, his traitorous student Lockdown betrayed him, killing him and stealing most of the protoforms for the Decepticons. Prowl attempted to revive him by transferring his spark to a protoform, but Yoketron chastised him for not accepting fate. Unlike most other Transformers in this season, he is not based on a prior character, but is an original design named for Takara's lead designer, Hideaki Yoke. While he never transforms during the show, Wyatt has said that his alternate form is a Cybertronian race car.
  • Highbrow Prime (David Kaye)
Highbrow appears in the season premiere, "Transwarped" for Season 3. He was head of Autobot Intel during the Great War, and worked with Mainframe on recovering the Project Omega access codes from the comatose Arcee. He "mysteriously vanished" after the Great War, and was replaced by Longarm, hinting that the Decepticon spy Shockwave had killed Highbrow. This was later confirmed in The AllSpark Almanac, Vol. 2, along with his ranking of Prime.
  • Prowl (Jeff Bennett)
Prowl is a lone wolf ninja-style Autobot, and a master of the Cybertronian art of Circuit-Su, who initially rejects teamwork and prefers to act on his own. However, he gradually learns to co-operate with and respect his Autobot teammates, although his individualist approach to both combat and life in general remains a slight source of friction between himself and his more outgoing comrades. Prowl was originally a draft-dodger during the Great War and was brought to Yoketron's dojo as punishment, where he was trained in the way of the ninja-bot. When Yoketron was killed, he made it his mission to fulfill Yoketron's vision. Prowl is fascinated by organic life, and enjoys spending time in nature. He has a sharp, caustic sense of humor and often makes jokes at others' expense, though with no real malice. His alt-mode is a Cybetronian Hoverbike, later a futuristic Motorcycle, and in battle he relies on shurikens that double up as stabbing weapons, as well as a diversionary hologram generator. Prowl is also very quick and agile, and utilizes his acrobatic skills in battle. Like the G1 character Hound, his vehicle mode has an open cockpit, so he sometimes projects a holographic "driver" onto his seat, to blend in with traffic better. When hunting Starscream with Lockdown, Prowl used a samurai-styled armor which doubled as a sidecar in his vehicle mode, but he gave it up when he decided he didn't want to be like Lockdown. However, when Lockdown returned, this time with the helmet he stole from their mentor Yoketron, Prowl was able to master the armor, and decided to keep it in order to honor Yoketron's memory. In "Endgame Part 2", Prowl sacrificed his spark to restore the Allspark and save Detroit from an exploding Starscream Suprme. He was honored as a hero upon the Autobots returning his body to Cybertron. If a fourth season was made, Prowl would've returned in one episode as a ghost.

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