List of Quasars - List of Quasars With Apparent Superluminal Jet Motion

List of Quasars With Apparent Superluminal Jet Motion

This is a list of quasars with jets that appear to be superluminal due to relativistic effects and line-of-sight orientation. Such quasars are sometimes referred to as superluminal quasars.

Quasar Superluminality Notes
3C 279 4c First quasar discovered with superluminal jets.
3C 179 7.6c Fifth discovered, first with double lobes
3C 273 This is also the first quasar ever identified.
3C 216
3C 345
3C 380
4C 69.21
(Q1642+690, QSO B1642+690)
8C 1928+738
(Q1928+738, QSO J1927+73, Quasar J192748.6+735802)
PKS 0637-752
QSO B1642+690
This is an incomplete list, which may never be able to satisfy particular standards for completeness. You can help by expanding it with reliably sourced entries.

It should be noted that quasars that have a recessional velocity greater than the speed of light (c) are very common. Any quasar with z>1 is going away from us in excess of c. Early attempts to explain superlumic quasars resulted in convoluted explanations with a limit of z=2.326, or in the extreme z<2.4. z=1 means a redshift indicating travel away from us at the speed of light. The majority of quasars lie between z=2 and z=5 .

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