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Classification System For Technical and Engineering Purposes

For technical and engineering purposes, the system introduced in 1883 was not practicable. In order to describe individual types of locomotive a second system was therefore brought in.

This scheme was based on a leading fraction for the running gear ratio, capital letters to specify the primary role and type of steam used, and additional abbreviations for special features.

  • H. - Heissdampf- = superheated
  • S. - Schnellzug- = express train
  • P. - Personenzug- = passenger train
  • G. - G├╝terzug- = goods train
  • T. - Tender- = tank
  • L. - Lokomotive = locomotive
  • u. - und = and
  • dr. - Laufdrehgestell = carrying bogie
  • dr. kr. - Krauss-Drehgestell (-Lenkgestell) = Krauss-Helmholtz bogie (pony truck)
  • 3cyl. - Dreizylinder- = three-cylinder
  • 4cyl. - Vierzylinder- = four-cylinder
  • v. Verbund-Triebwerk = compound drive

There were no special abbreviations for wet steam engines, tender locomotives, two-cylinder engines and simple steam expansion.

So 2/4 H. S. L. dr. meant a four-coupled, four axled, superheated express train locomotive with carrying bogie.

Further details such as 'bus' ("Omnibus") were spelt out in full. With the addition of phrases like 'with trailing axle' ("mit hinterer Laufachse") it was possible to distinguish whether a carrying wheelset was in front of or behind the coupled wheels. Following on were further descriptions in order to differentiate the different locomotives. So, for example, the name of the design company, or the name of the railway division that first procured the engine, or the fact that the locomotive was built to certain standards, were added. This classification system continued even after the introduction of the 1903 scheme. From 1910 the detail of the wheel arrangement as a fraction was replaced by a combination of figures for carrying axles and letters for coupled axles (see UIC classification).

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