List of Postage Stamps of India

List Of Postage Stamps Of India

In its long and varied postal history, India has produced a large number of postage stamps. They have been produced by a number of techniques which include line engraving, typography, lithography, photogravure and web-offset. Stamps have been produced both for postage and for service or revenue. Definitives and commemoratives have been issued. Stamps have been produced both as unperforated sheets, perforated sheets and miniature sheets. The stamps have peen produced in a number of shapes - the Scinde Dawk being rounded and some, like the stamp on the Bombay Sappers being triangular. Recently the 2009 stamp on Louis Braille had braille imprinting on it in addition. Many cases of overprinting exist - for converting the use of domestic postage stamps to service; to earmark stamps sold by field post offices attached with international control commissions and other reasons.

The Indian Postal Service has issued stamps on many themes - relating to history, architecture, nature, culture and heritage. Provisions exist for organisations and interested bodies to suggest the printing of special commemorative stamps as well as first day covers and cancellations. The Indian Post runs philatelic bureaus, operates deposit based philateic services, a philatelic magazine and also publishes lists of stamps from time to time.

This article lists the stamps in two sections - Indian postage before and after independence. Stamps belonging to convention and feudatory states have been excluded.

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