List of Political Scientists - Notable Political Scientists - L


  • Guy Laforest - Liberalism (John Locke) scholar and Quebec and Canadian politics specialist
  • Harold Lasswell - Political communications, pioneered early efforts to establish the policy sciences and influential contributor to the Stages Heuristic
  • Jack Layton - Former leader of the New Democratic Party of Canada, had a Ph.D in Political Science.
  • Richard Ned Lebow - Noted constructivist, Cold War expert, author of Tragic Vision of Politics.
  • Michael Leifer - International Relations, South Asian Studies, London School of Economics
  • Arend Lijphart - Originator of consociationalism.
  • Dan Lipinski - US House of Representatives (IL-D, 3rd)
  • Juan Linz - Democracy specialist
  • Seymour Martin Lipset - Renowned political theorist on democracy and development and parties. Taught at Stanford University.
  • Ramon Llull - Discoverer of Condorcet Criterion and Borda Count
  • Theodore Lowi - Major scholar of American politics at Cornell University
  • Ian Lustick - State territoriality ethnic conflict and computer modelling in political science; University of Pennsylvania

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