List of Play Station 3 Backward Compatible Play Station 2 and Play Station Games

List Of Play Station 3 Backward Compatible Play Station 2 And Play Station Games

This is a list of PlayStation and PlayStation 2 games, for which the PlayStation 3 is backwards compatible. This list is updated as new PS3 firmware editions are released by Sony. The 40GB, 80GB re-release, 160GB, and the slim version of the PS3 are not backwards compatible with PS2 games because all hardware chips from the former console are omitted and there is no software emulation. However, all versions of the PS3 are able to play PS1 games. Although the Guitar Hero games themselves are compatible, the connector mounted on its special controller are not, due to the PS3's lack of ports for PS2 accessories. The guitars can only be used by utilizing third party USB-to-PS2 adapters.

This list assumes that the PlayStation 3 system is fully up to date.

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