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The Decepticons in Animated are much more specialized than in other series. They were conceived as a military, primarily as an air force, and most official Decepticons have a uniform shade of purple in their design. However, the Decepticons suffered a defeat in the Great War several millennia before the series, and so most of the Decepticon forces are spread across the Galaxy. Because a Decepticon is, one-on-one, much stronger than an Autobot, they were defeated due to the Autobots use of the space bridges and possession of the Allspark. Due to this, most of the Decepticons plans during the series revolve around gaining control of these artifacts. A special feature of the Decepticons in this series is that for the first half of it, rarely show up as antagonists and require the entire Autobot team to work together to stop even a single one. Human crooks take the Decepticons place as the antagonists of most episodes.

Though the Decepticons are supposed to be more militaristic than the Autobots, no mention is made of any specific hierarchy, besides Megatron being at its top. The Decepticon ranks also "include" many bounty hunters, war-profiteers, and Autobot traitors.

With the series have ended, there are a total of 16 uncaptured Decpticons. There are eight on Earth and eight in space.

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