List of Operettas By Johann Strauss II - Operettas Arranged By Others Using Music By Johann Strauss II (selection)

Operettas Arranged By Others Using Music By Johann Strauss II (selection)

  • Le reine Indigo, opérette in 3 acts (1875)
  • La tzigane, opérette in 3 acts (1877)
  • Wiener Blut, Operette in 3 acts, arranged by Adolf Müller (1899)
  • Gräfin Pepi, Operette in 3 acts, arranged by E Reiterer (1902)
  • Tausend und eine nacht, Operette in a prelude and 2 acts, arranged by E Reiterer (1906)
  • Reiche Mädchen, Operette in 3 acts (1909)
  • Der blaue Held, Operette in 3 acts (1912)
  • Faschingshochzeit, Operette arranged by J Klein (1921)
  • Casanova, Operette in 7 scenes, arranged by Ralph Benatzky (1928)
  • Walzer aus Wien, Singspiel in 2 acts, arranged by J Bittner and Erich Wolfgang Korngold (1930)

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