List of Non-marine Molluscs of The Czech Republic

List Of Non-marine Molluscs Of The Czech Republic

This is a list of the non-marine molluscs of the Czech Republic. That country is land-locked and therefore it has no marine molluscs, only land and freshwater species, including snails, slugs, freshwater clams and freshwater mussels. There are 247 species of molluscs living in the wild in the Czech Republic. In addition there are at least 11 gastropod species surviving in greenhouses.

There are 219 gastropod species (50 freshwater and 169 land species) and 28 bivalve species living in the wild.

There are also 11 introduced gastropod species (5 freshwater and 7 land species) and 4 bivalve species living in the wild in the Czech Republic. This is a total of 9 freshwater non-indigenous species living in natural habitats.

Summary table of number of species
Bohemia Moravia (including Czech Silesia) the Czech Republic
freshwater gastropods 44 44 50
land gastropods 155 151 169
gastropods altogether 199 195 219
bivalves 28 27 28
molluscs altogether 227 222 247
non-indigenous gastropods in natural habitats 6 freshwater and 10 land 4 freshwater and 5 land 5 freshwater (Bithynia troschelii is non-indigenous in Bohemia and indigenous in Moravia) and 7 land (2 are in Moravia only, 3 are in both, 7 are in Bohemia only)
non-indigenous gastropods in synantropic habitats 11
non-indigenous bivalves in natural habitats 3 1 3
non-indigenous bivalves in synantropic habitats 0 0 0
non-indigenous molluscs altogether 26

There are 2 endemic species of molluscs in the Czech Republic:

  • Alzoniella slovenica in Moravia (and in Slovakia too)
  • Bulgarica nitidosa in Bohemia.

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