List of Night Buses in London

List Of Night Buses In London

Night buses in London are after-hours versions of their daytime numerical equivalents, normally running the same route but with extensions at either end of the service. This is normally to provide a night service to destinations served by tube or train during the day. The route number is prefixed with an "N" to signify a night route. However, in a few cases, a few services have route numbers that have no connection to their daytime equivalents, such as the N5, which operates in a different part of London from day route 5. There are also many 24-hour routes.

  • N1
  • N2
  • N3
  • N5
  • N7
  • N8
  • N9
  • N11
  • N13
  • N15
  • N16
  • N18
  • N19
  • N20
  • N21
  • N22
  • N26
  • N28
  • N29
  • N31
  • N35
  • N38
  • N41
  • N44
  • N47
  • N55
  • N63
  • N64
  • N68
  • N73
  • N74
  • N76
  • N86
  • N87
  • N89
  • N91
  • N97
  • N98
  • N109
  • N113
  • N133
  • N136
  • N137
  • N155
  • N171
  • N207
  • N213
  • N253
  • N279
  • N343
  • N381
  • N550
  • N551
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List Of Night Buses In London - N551
... N551 Overview Operator Go-Ahead London Garage Silvertown (SI) Vehicle Scania OmniDekka 10.6m Peak vehicle requirement 6 Night-time 2330pm until 630am Route Start Gallions Reach Station Via Beckton Prince ... End Trafalgar Square Length 10 miles (16 km) Service Level Nights Frequency About every 30 minutes Journey time 48-58 minutes The frequency given is the general ... London Buses route N551 is a Transport for London contracted night bus route in London, United Kingdom ...

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