List of NFL Franchise Post-season Droughts - Longest Active Playoff Game Victory Drought

Longest Active Playoff Game Victory Drought

All season droughts through the 2011 season are shown on the Pro football website.

Teams still in the playoff hunt are listed in the web site.

Updated through week 13 of the 2012 season.

Droughts through 2012 Season
Team Last playoff game win Seasons
Detroit Lions 1991 NFC Divisional Playoffs* 21
Kansas City Chiefs 1993 AFC Divisional Playoffs 19
Buffalo Bills ^ 1995 AFC Wild Card Playoffs 17
Cleveland Browns 1994 AFC Wild Card Playoffs 0015**
Miami Dolphins ^ 2000 AFC Wild Card Playoffs 12
Oakland Raiders ^ 2002 AFC Championship* 10
Tennessee Titans 2003 AFC Wild Card Playoffs 9
St. Louis Rams 2004 NFC Wild Card Playoffs 8
Carolina Panthers ^ 2005 NFC Divisional Playoffs 7
Jacksonville Jaguars 2007 AFC Wild Card Playoffs 5
Philadelphia Eagles 2008 NFC Divisional Playoffs 4
Arizona Cardinals 2009 NFC Wild Card Playoffs 3
New York Jets 2010 AFC Divisional Playoffs 2
New Orleans Saints 2011 NFC Wild Card Playoffs 1
2012 Playoff Winners
To be determined
Droughts through 2011 Season. Still in the playoff win hunt.
Team Last playoff game win Seasons
Cincinnati Bengals ^ 1990 AFC Wild Card Playoffs 21
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2002 Super Bowl XXXVII* 9
Atlanta Falcons 2004 NFC Divisional Playoffs* 7
Washington Redskins 2005 NFC Wild Card Playoffs 6
San Diego Chargers 2008 AFC Wild Card Playoffs 3
Dallas Cowboys 2009 NFC Wild Card Playoffs 2
Minnesota Vikings 2009 NFC Divisional Playoffs* 2
Indianapolis Colts 2009 AFC Championship Game* 2
Seattle Seahawks 2010 NFC Wild Card Playoffs 1
Chicago Bears 2010 NFC Divisional Playoffs* 1
Pittsburgh Steelers 2010 AFC Championship Game* 1
Green Bay Packers 2010 Super Bowl XLV 1
2011 Playoff Winners still in the 2012 playoff hunt
Denver Broncos 2011 AFC Wild Card Playoffs
Houston Texans 2011 AFC Wild Card Playoffs
San Francisco 49ers 2011 NFC Divisional Playoffs*
Baltimore Ravens 2011 AFC Divisional Playoffs*
New England Patriots 2011 AFC Championship Game*
New York Giants 2011 Super Bowl XLVI

(*): Franchise earned a bye in the Wild Card round.
(**): Franchise dormant 1996-1999.

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