List of Mycologists

This is a list of mycologists, or scientists with a specialisation in mycology, with their author abbreviations. Because the study of lichens is traditionally considered a branch of mycology, lichenologists are included in this list.

Name Born Died Country Abbrev. Reference
Abbayes, Henry Robert Nicollon Des !Henry Robert Nicollon Des Abbayes 1898 1974 France Abbayes
Abbott, Ernst Victor !Ernst Victor Abbott 1899 1980 United States E.V.Abbott
Ablakatova, Aleksandra Aleksandrovna !Aleksandra Aleksandrovna Ablakatova 1907 1988 Russia Ablak.
Abramov, Ivan Nikolayevich !Ivan Nikolayevich Abramov 1884 1953 Russia Abramov
Acharius, Erik !Erik Acharius 1757 1819 Sweden Ach.
Adanson, Michel !Michel Adanson 1727 1806 France Adans.
Aderhold, Rudolph Ferdinand Theodor !Rudolph Ferdinand Theodor Aderhold 1865 1907 Germany Aderh.
Afzelius, Adam !Adam Afzelius 1750 1837 Sweden Afzel.
Agardh, Carl Adolph !Carl Adolph Agardh 1785 1859 Sweden C.Agardh
Agardh, Jacob Georg !Jacob Georg Agardh 1813 1901 Sweden J.Agardh
Ainsworth, Geoffrey Clough !Geoffrey Clough Ainsworth 1905 1998 United Kingdom Ainsw.
Ajello, Libero !Libero Ajello 1916 2004 United States Ajello
Aldrich, Henry Carl !Henry Carl Aldrich 1941 2005 United States
Alexopolous, Constantine John !Constantine John Alexopolous 1907 1986 United States Alexop.
Allen, Ruth F. !Ruth F. Allen 1879 1963 United States
Ames, Lawrence Marion !Lawrence Marion Ames 1900 1966 United States L.M.Ames
Arora, David !David Arora 1953 United States D.Arora
Arthur, Joseph Charles !Joseph Charles Arthur 1850 1942 United States Arthur
Atkinson, George Francis !George Francis Atkinson 1854 1918 United States G.F.Atk.

Babington, Churchill !Churchill Babington 1821 1889 United Kingdom C.Bab.
Badham, Charles David !Charles David Badham 1805 1857 United Kingdom Badham
Baker, Gladys Elizabeth !Gladys Elizabeth Baker 1908 2007 United States G.E.Baker
Balsamo-Crivelli, Giuseppe Gabriel !Giuseppe Gabriel Balsamo-Crivelli 1800 1874 Italy Bals.-Criv.
Bandoni, Robert Joseph !Robert Joseph Bandoni 1926 2009 Canada Bandoni
Banker, Howard James !Howard James Banker 1866 1940 United States Banker
Banning, Mary Elizabeth !Mary Elizabeth Banning 1832 1901 United States Banning
Barksdale, Alma Whiffen !Alma Joslyn Whiffen-Barksdale 1916 1981 United States Whiffen
Bary, Anton !Heinrich Anton de Bary 1831 1888 Germany de Bary
Batra, Lekh Raj !Lekh Raj Batra 1929 1999 India L.R.Batra
Batsch, August !August Johann Georg Karl Batsch 1761 1802 Germany Batsch
Batarra, Giovanni Antonio !Giovanni Antonio Battarra 1714 1789 Italy Batarra
Bauhin, Gaspard !Gaspard Bauhin 1560 1624 Switzerland C.Bauhin
Bauhin, Johann !Johann Bauhin 1541 1613 Switzerland J.Bauhin
Baxter, Dow Vauter !Dow Vauter Baxter 1898 1965 United States D.V.Baxter
Beardslee, Henry Curtis !Henry Curtis Beardslee 1865 1948 United States Beardslee
Beck von Mannagetta und Lerchenau, Gunther !Günther Beck von Mannagetta und Lerchenau 1856 1931 Austria Beck
Beeli, Maurice !Maurice Beeli 1879 1957 Belgium Beeli
Beneke, Everett Smith !Everett Smith Beneke 1918 2010 United States Beneke
Benjamin, Chester Ray !Chester Ray Benjamin 1923 2002 United States C.R.Benj.
Berkeley, Miles Joseph !Miles Joseph Berkeley 1803 1889 United Kingdom Berk.
Berkhout, Christine Marie !Christine Marie Berkhout 1893 1932 Netherlands Berkh.
Bessey, Charles Edwin !Charles Edwin Bessey 1845 1915 United States Bessey
Bessey, Ernst Athearn !Ernst Athearn Bessey 1877 1957 United States E.A.Bessey
Beverwijk, Agathe L. van !Agathe L. van Beverwijk 1907 1963 Netherlands Beverw.
Bigelow, Howard E. !Howard E. Bigelow 1923 1987 United States H.E.Bigelow
Barr Bigelow, Margaret Elizabeth !Margaret Elizabeth Barr-Bigelow 1923 2008 United States M.E.Barr
Binford, Chapman Hunter !Chapman Hunter Binford 1900 1990 United States Binford
Bisby, Guy Richard !Guy Richard Bisby 1889 1958 United States Bisby
Blakeslee, Albert Francis !Albert Francis Blakeslee 1874 1954 United States Blakeslee
Blume, Carl Ludwig !Carl Ludwig Blume 1789 1862 Germany Blume
Bodman, Mary Cecilia !Mary Cecilia Bodman 1905 1982 United States Bodman
Bolton, James !James Bolton 1758 1799 United Kingdom Bolton
Bon, Marcel !Marcel Bon 1925 France Bon
Bonar, Lee !Lee Bonar 1891 1977 United States Bonar
Bonorden, Hermann Friedrich !Hermann Friedrich Bonorden 1801 1884 Germany Bonord.
Bonpland, Aime Jacques Alexandre !Aimé Jacques Alexandre Bonpland 1773 1858 France Bonpl.
Boudier, Jean Louis Emile !Jean Louis Émile Boudier 1828 1920 France Boud.
Bourdot, Hubert !Hubert Bourdot 1861 1937 France Bourdot
Brefeld, Julius Oscar !Julius Oscar Brefeld 1839 1925 Germany Bref.
Bresadola, Giacomo !Giacomo Bresadola 1847 1929 Italy Bres.
Britton, Nathaniel Lord !Nathaniel Lord Britton 1859 1934 United States Britton
Britzelmayr, Max !Max Britzelmayr 1839 1909 Germany Britzelm.
Brodo, Irwin M. !Irwin M. Brodo 1935 Canada Brodo
Brooks, Frederick Thom !Frederick Thom Brooks 1882 1952 United Kingdom F.T.Brooks
Brooks, Travis E. !Travis E. Brooks 1917 1976 United States T.E.Brooks
Broome, Christopher Edmund !Christopher Edmund Broome 1812 1886 United Kingdom Broome
Bruns, Thomas D. !Thomas D. Bruns United States T.D.Bruns
Buller, Arthur Henry Reginald !Arthur Henry Reginald Buller 1874 1944 Canada Buller
Bulliard, Jean Baptiste François Pierre !Jean Baptiste François Pierre Bulliard 1742 1793 France Bull.
Burlingham, Gertrude Simmons !Gertrude Simmons Burlingham 1872 1952 United States Burl.
Burnett, John Harrison !John Harrison Burnett 1922 2007 United Kingdom J.H.Burnett
Burrill, Thomas Jonathan !Thomas Jonathan Burrill 1839 1916 United States Burrill
Burt, Edward Angus !Edward Angus Burt 1859 1939 United States Burt
Butler, Edwin John !Edwin John Butler 1874 1943 United Kingdom E.J.Butler
Candolle, A. P. de !A. P. de Candolle 1778 1841 Switzerland DC.
Carter, James Cedric !James Cedric Carter 1905 1981 United States J.C.Carter
Carver, George Washington !George Washington Carver 1864 1943 United States Carver
Cash, Edith Katherine !Edith Katherine Cash 1890 1992 United States E.K.Cash
Cejp, Karel !Karel Cejp 1900 1979 Czech Republic Cejp
Čelakovský, Ladislav František !Ladislav František Čelakovský 1863 1916 Czech Republic L.F.Čelák.
Chapela, Ignacio !Ignacio Chapela United States Chapela
Chardon, Carlos E. !Carlos E. Chardon 1897 1965 Puerto Rico
Charles, Vera Katherine !Vera Katherine Charles 1877 1954 United States Charles
Church, Margaret Brooks !Margaret Brooks Church 1889 1976 United States Church
Cernohorsky, Zdenek !Zdeněk Černohorský 1910 2001 Czech Republic
Chełchowski, Stanisław !Stanisław Chełchowski 1866 1907 Poland
Ciferri, Raffaele !Raffaele Ciferri 1897 1964 Italy Cif.
Cleland, John Burton !John Burton Cleland 1878 1971 Australia Cleland
Clements, Frederick Edward !Frederick Edward Clements 1874 1945 United States Clem.
Clinton, George Perkins !George Perkins Clinton 1867 1937 United States G.P.Clinton
Cochrane, Vincent W. !Vincent W. Cochrane 1916 1987 United States
Coker, William Chambers !William Chambers Coker 1872 1953 United States Coker
Collins, Oneil Ray !O'Neil Ray Collins 1931 1989 United States
Conners, Ibra Lockwood !Ibra Lockwood Conners 1894 1989 Canada Conners
Cook, Melville Thurston !Melville Thurston Cook 1869 1952 United States M.T.Cook
Cook, Orator Fuller !Orator Fuller Cook 1867 1949 United States O.F.Cook
Cooke, Mordecai Cubitt !Mordecai Cubitt Cooke 1825 1914 United Kingdom Cooke
Cooke, William Bridge !William Bridge Cooke 1908 1991 United States W.B.Cooke
Corda, August Carl Joseph !August Carl Joseph Corda 1809 1849 Czech Republic Corda
Corner, Edred John Henry !Edred John Henry Corner 1906 1996 United Kingdom Corner
Cornu, Marie Maxime !Marie Maxime Cornu 1843 1901 France Cornu
Correns, Carl Franz Joseph Erich !Carl Franz Joseph Erich Correns 1864 1933 Germany Correns
Costantin, Julien Noël !Julien Noël Costantin 1857 1936 France Costantin
Cotton, Arthur Disbrowe !A.D. Cotton 1879 1962 United Kingdom Cotton
Crossland, Charles !Charles Crossland 1844 1916 United Kingdom Crossl.
Cummins, George Baker !George Baker Cummins 1904 2007 United States Cummins
Cunningham, Gordon Herriot !Gordon Herriot Cunningham 1892 1962 New Zealand G.Cunn.
Currey, Frederick !Frederick Currey 1819 1881 United Kingdom Curr.
Curtis, Kathleen Maisey !Kathleen Maisey Curtis 1892 1994 New Zealand K.M.Curtis
Curtis, William !William Curtis 1746 1799 United Kingdom Curtis
Cutter, Victor Macomber !Victor Macomber Cutter 1917 1962 United States Cutter
Darker, Grant Dooks !Grant Dooks Darker 1898 1979 United States Darker
Dearness, John !John Dearness 1852 1954 Canada Dearn.
Deighton, Frederick Claude !Frederick Claude Deighton 1903 1992 United Kingdom Deighton
Delacroix, Edouard Georges !Edouard Georges Delacroix 1858 1907 France Delacr.
Dennis, R. W. G. !R.W.G. Dennis 1910 2003 United Kingdom Dennis
De Notaris, Giuseppe !Giuseppe De Notaris 1805 1877 Italy De Not.
Denison, William Clark !William Clark Denison 1928 2005 United States Denison
Desfontaines, Rene Louiche !René Louiche Desfontaines 1750 1833 France Desf.
Desjardin, Dennis E. !Dennis E. Desjardin 1950 United States Desjardin
Desmazieres, John Baptiste Henri Joseph !John Baptiste Henri Joseph Desmazières 1786 1862 France Desm.
Desvaux, Nicaise Auguste !Nicaise Auguste Desvaux 1784 1856 France Desv.
Dickson, James !James Dickson 1738 1822 Scotland Dicks.
Dickson, James G. !James G. Dickson 1891 1962 United States J.G.Dicks.
Diehl, William Webster !William Webster Diehl 1891 1978 United States Diehl
Dillenius, Johann Jacob !Johann Jacob Dillenius 1687 1747 Germany Dill.
Dingley, Joan !Joan Dingley 1916 2008 New Zealand Dingley
Dodge, Bernard Ogilvie !Bernard Ogilvie Dodge 1872 1960 United States B.O.Dodge
Dodge, Carroll William !Carroll William Dodge 1895 1988 United States C.W.Dodge
Doidge, Ethel Mary !Ethel Mary Doidge 1887 1965 South Africa Doidge
Dominik, Tadeusz !Tadeusz Dominik 1909 1980 Poland Dominik
Donk, Marinus Anton !Marinus Anton Donk 1908 1972 Netherlands Donk
Drechsler, Charles !Charles Drechsler 1892 1986 United States Drechsler
Drouhet, Edouard !Edouard Drouhet 1919 2000 France Drouhet
Duggar, Benjamin Minge !Benjamin Minge Duggar 1872 1956 United States Duggar
Dumortier, Barthelemy Charles Joseph !Barthélemy Charles Joseph Dumortier 1797 1878 Belgium Dumort.
Duncan, Catherine Gross !Catherine Gross Duncan 1908 1968 United States
Durand, Elias Judah !Elias Judah Durand 1870 1922 United States E.J.Durand
Earle, Franklin Sumner !Franklin Sumner Earle 1856 1929 United States Earle
Eckblad, Finn-Egil !Finn-Egil Eckblad 1923 2000 Norway Eckblad
Edgerton, Claude Wilbur !Claude Wilbur Edgerton 1880 1965 United States Edgerton
Ehrenberg, Christian Gottfried !Christian Gottfried Ehrenberg 1795 1876 Germany Ehrenb.
Ehrhart, Jakob Friedrich !Jakob Friedrich Ehrhart 1742 1795 Germany Ehrh.
Elliott, Mary Elizabeth !Mary Elizabeth Elliott 1923 1976 Canada M.E.Elliott
Ellis, Job Bicknell !Job Bicknell Ellis 1829 1905 United States Ellis
Emerson, Ralph !Ralph Emerson 1912 1979 United States R.Emers.
Emmons, Chester Wilson !Chester Wilson Emmons 1900 1985 United States C.W.Emmons
Endlicher, Stephan Ladislaus !Stephan Ladislaus Endlicher 1804 1849 Austria Endl.
Engelmann, George !George Engelmann 1809 1884 United States Engelm.
Ettingshausen, Constantin von !Constantin von Ettingshausen 1826 1897 Austria Ettingsh.
Everhart, Benjamin Matlack !Benjamin Matlack Everhart 1818 1904 United States Everh.
Eyre, William Leigh Williamson !William Leigh Williamson Eyre 1841 1914 United Kingdom Eyre
Fairman, Charles E. !Charles E. Fairman 1856 1934 United States Fairm.
Farlow, William Gilson !William Gilson Farlow 1844 1919 United States Farl.
Fassatiova, Olga !Olga Fassatiová 1924 Czech Republic Fassat.
Faull, Joseph Horace !Joseph Horace Faull 1876 1961 Canada Faull
Fayod, Victor !Victor Fayod 1860 1900 Switzerland Fayod
Fennell, Dorothy Irene !Dorothy Irene Fennell 1916 1977 United States Fennell
Fergus, Charles Leonard !Charles Leonard Fergus 1917 1986 United States Fergus
Fields, William Grady !William Grady Fields 1933 1975 United States Fields
Fincham, John !John Fincham 1926 2005 United Kingdom
Fink, Bruce !Bruce Fink 1861 1927 United States Fink
Fischer, Eduard !Eduard Fischer 1861 1939 United States E.Fisch.
Fitzpatrick, Harry Morton !Harry Morton Fitzpatrick 1886 1949 United States Fitzp.
Flotow, Julius von !Julius von Flotow 1788 1856 Germany Flot.
Forster, Georg !Georg Forster 1754 1794 Germany G.Forst.
Friedman, Lorraine !Lorraine Friedman 2001 United States Friedman
Fries, Elias Magnus !Elias Magnus Fries 1794 1878 Sweden Fr.
Fries, Theodor Magnus !Theodor Magnus Fries 1832 1913 Sweden Th.Fr.
Frost, Charles Christopher !Charles Christopher Frost 1805 1880 United States Frost
Fuhrer, Bruce A. !Bruce A. Fuhrer Australia Fuhrer
Gaertner, Joseph !Joseph Gaertner 1732 1791 Germany Gaertn.
Garber, Edward !Edward Garber 1918 2004 United States
Gaudichaud-Beaupre, Charles !Charles Gaudichaud-Beaupré 1789 1854 France Gaudich.
Gäumann, Ernst Albert !Ernst Albert Gäumann 1893 1963 Switzerland Gäum.
Garber, Edward !Edward Garber 1918 2004 United States
Geltin, Paul Emil Elliot !Paul Emil Elliot Gelting 1905 1964 Denmark Gelting
Genevier, Leon Gaston !Léon Gaston Genevier 1830 1880 France Genev.
Gerard, William Ruggles !William Ruggles Gerard 1841 1914 United States W.R.Gerard
Gerdemann, James Wessell !James Wessell Gerdemann 1921 2008 United States Gerd.
Gerhardt, Ewald !Ewald Gerhardt Germany Ew.Gerhardt
Gilbert, Edward Martinius !Edward Martinius Gilbert 1875 1956 United States E.M.Gilbert
Gilkey, Helen Margaret !Helen Margaret Gilkey 1886 1972 United States Gilkey
Gilman, Joseph Charles !Joseph Charles Gilman 1890 1966 United States J.C.Gilman
Gmelin, Johann Friedrich !Johann Friedrich Gmelin 1748 1804 Germany J.F.Gmel.
Golubkova, Nina Sergeevna !Nina Sergeevna Golubkova 1932 2009 Ukraine N.S.Golubk.
Gordon, William Laurence !William Laurence Gordon 1901 1963 Canada W.L.Gordon
Gottlieb, David !David Gottlieb 1911 1982 United States
Gray, Samuel Frederick !Samuel Frederick Gray 1766 1828 United Kingdom Gray
Greene, Henry Campbell !Henry Campbell Greene 1904 1967 United States H.C.Greene
Groves, James Walton !James Walton Groves 1906 1970 Canada J.W.Groves
Gruby, David !David Gruby 1810 1898 Hungary Gruby
Gulden, Gro !Gro Gulden 1939 Norway Gulden
Gunnerus, Johan Ernst !Johan Ernst Gunnerus 1718 1773 Norway Gunnerus
Guzman, Gaston !Gastón Guzmán 1932 Mexico Guzman
Gwynne-Vaughan, Helen !Helen Gwynne-Vaughan 1879 1967 United States Gwynne-Vaughan
Halsted, Byron David !Byron David Halsted 1852 1918 United States Halst.
Hansen, Emil Christian !Emil Christian Hansen 1842 1909 Denmark E.C.Hansen
Hara, Kanesuke !Kanesuke Hara 1885 1962 Japan Hara
Harkness, H. W. !H. W. Harkness 1821 1901 United States Harkn.
Harper, Robert Almer !Robert Almer Harper 1862 1946 United States
Harrison, Kenneth Archibald !Kenneth Archibald Harrison 1901 1991 Canada K.A.Harrison
Hawksworth, David Leslie !David Leslie Hawksworth 1946 United Kingdom D.Hawksw.
Hazen, Elizabeth Lee !Elizabeth Lee Hazen 1885 1975 United States
Hazslinszky, Frigyes Ákos !Frigyes Ákos Hazslinszky 1818 1896 Hungary Hazsl.
Heim, Roger !Roger Heim 1900 1979 France R.Heim
Heinemann, Paul !Paul Heinemann 1916 1996 Belgium Heinem.
Hennings, Paul Christoph !Paul Christoph Hennings 1841 1908 Germany Henn.
Henssen, Aino Marjatta !Aino Marjatta Henssen 1925 2011 Finland Henssen
Herink, Josef !Josef Herink Czech Republic Herink
Hesler, Lexemuel Ray !Lexemuel Ray Hesler 1888 1977 United States Hesler
Hibbett, David S. !David S. Hibbett United States Hibbett
Hiratsuka, Naoharu !Naoharu Hiratsuka 1873 1946 Japan Hirats.
Hluza, Bronislav !Bronislav Hlůza 1929 Czech Republic
Hoffmann, Hermann !Hermann Hoffmann 1819 1891 Germany H.Hoffm.
Hohnel, Franz Xaver Rudolf von !Franz Xaver Rudolf von Höhnel 1852 1920 Austria Höhn.
Holmskjold, Johan Theodor !Johan Theodor Holmskjold 1731 1793 Denmark Holmsk.
Holway, Edward Willet Dorland !Edward Willet Dorland Holway 1853 1923 United States Holw.
Homchantara, Natsurang !Natsurang Homchantara 1957 2006 Thailand
Hongo, Tsuguo !Tsuguo Hongo 1923 2007 Japan Hongo
Hooker, Joseph Dalton !Joseph Dalton Hooker 1817 1911 United Kingdom Hook.f.
Hotson, John W. !John W. Hotson 1870 1957 United States Hotson
Howard, Frank Leslie !Frank Leslie Howard 1903 1997 United States
Hubalek, Zdenek !Zdeněk Hubálek Czech Republic Hubálek
Hussey, Anna Maria !Anna Maria Hussey 1820 !ca. 1820 1877 United Kingdom Hussey
Imbach, Emil J. !Emil J. Imbach 1897 1970 Germany Imbach
Jackson, Henry Alexander Carmichael !Henry Alexander Carmichael Jackson 1877 1961 Canada H.A.C.Jacks.
Jacquin, Nikolaus Joseph von !Nikolaus Joseph von Jacquin 1727 1817 Netherlands Jacq.
Jenkins, Anna Eliza !Anna Eliza Jenkins 1886 1973 United States Jenkins
Jensen, Jon Duane !Jon Duane Jensen 1953 1986 United States J.D.Jensen
Joffe, Abraham Z. !Abraham Z. Joffe 1909 2000 Israel Joffe
Johnson, George Thomas !George Thomas Johnson 1916 1981 United States
Jones, Fred Reuel !Fred Reuel Jones 1884 1956 United States F.R.Jones
Jorstad, Ivar !Ivar Jørstad 1887 1967 Jørst.
Kalchbrenner, Károly !Károly Kalchbrenner 1807 1886 Hungary Kalchbr.
Kane, Julius !Julius Kane 1925 2001 Canada J.Kane
Karsten, Gustav Karl Wilhelm Hermann !Gustav Karl Wilhelm Hermann Karsten 1817 1908 Germany H.Karst.
Karsten, Petter Adolf !Petter Adolf Karsten 1834 1917 Finland P.Karst
Kauffman, Calvin Henry !Calvin Henry Kauffman 1869 1931 United States Kauffman
Kellerman, William Ashbrook !William Ashbrook Kellerman 1850 1908 United States Kellerm.
Kendrick, Bryce !Bryce Kendrick 1933 United Kingdom W.B.Kendr.
Kern, Frank Dunn !Frank Dunn Kern 1883 1973 United States F.Kern
Kotlaba, Frantisek !František Kotlaba 1927 Czech Republic Kotl.
Kreisel, Hanns !Hanns Kreisel 1931 Germany Kreisel
Krieger, Louis Charles Christopher !Louis Charles Christopher Krieger 1873 1940 United States L.Krieg.
Krombholz, Julius Vincenz von !Julius Vincenz von Krombholz 1782 1843 Czech Republic Krombh.
Kuhn, Julius Gotthelf !Julius Gotthelf Kühn 1825 1910 Germany J.G.Kühn
Kuhner, Robert !Robert Kühner 1903 1996 Germany Kühner
Kummer, Paul !Paul Kummer 1834 1912 Germany P.Kumm.
Kuntze, Otto !Otto Kuntze 1843 1907 Germany Kuntze
Kurokawa, Syo !Syo Kurokawa 1926 2010 Japan Kurok.
Lange, Jakob Emanuel !Jakob Emanuel Lange 1864 1941 Denmark J.E.Lange
Lange, Knud Morten !Knud Morten Lange 1919 2003 Denmark M.Lange
Larsen, Michael J. !Michael J. Larsen 1938 2000 United States M.J.Larsen
Leandri, Jacques Désiré !Jacques Désiré Leandri 1903 1982 France Leandri
Ledingham, George Aleck !George Aleck Ledingham 1903 1962 Canada Ledingham
Lemke, Paul Arenz !Paul Arenz Lemke 1937 1995 United States P.A.Lemke
Lecluse, Charles de !Charles de l'Écluse 1526 1609 Belgium Clus.
Lind, Jens !Jens Lind 1874 1939 Denmark Lind
Lindau, Gustav !Gustav Lindau 1866 1923 Germany Lindau
Linder, David Hunt !David Hunt Linder 1899 1946 United States Linder
Link, Johann Heinrich Friedrich !Johann Heinrich Friedrich Link 1767 1850 Germany Link
Linnaeus, Carl !Carl Linnaeus 1707 1778 Sweden L.
Long, William Henry !William Henry Long 1867 1947 United States Long
Lowe, Josiah Lincoln !Josiah Lincoln Lowe 1905 1997 United States J.Lowe
Geesteranus, Rudolph Arnold Maas !Rudolph Arnold Maas Geesteranus 1911 2003 Netherlands Maas Geest.
Mains, Edwin Butterworth !Edwin Butterworth Mains 1890 1968 United States Mains
McIlvaine, Charles !Charles McIlvaine 1840 1909 United States McIlv.
Macbride, Thomas Huston !Thomas Huston Macbride 1848 1934 United States T.Macbr.
Maire, Rene !René Maire 1878 1949 France Maire
Martin, George !George Willard Martin 1886 1971 United States G.W.Martin
Marvanova, Ludmila !Ludmila Marvanov 1932 Czech Republic Marvanová
Mason, Edmund Williams !Edmund Mason Williams 1890 1975 United Kingdom E.W.Mason
Massee, George Edward !George Edward Massee 1850 1917 United Kingdom Massee
Macoun, John !John Macoun 1831 1920 Canada Macoun
Mains, Edwin Butterworth !Edwin Butterworth Mains 1890 1968 United States Mains
Marchand, Nestor Léon !Nestor Léon Marchand 1833 1911 France Marchand
Martius, Carl Friedrich Philipp von !Carl Friedrich Philipp von Martius 1794 1868 Germany Mart.
Matheny, Patrick Brandon !Patrick Brandon Matheny 1969 United States Matheny
Matruchot, Alphonse Louis Paul !Alphonse Louis Paul Matruchot 1863 1921 France Matr.
May, Tom !Tom May Australia T.W.May
Mereschkowski, Konstantin !Konstantin Mereschkowski 1855 1921 Russia Mereschk.
Miller, Charles Edward !Charles Edward Miller 1925 1984 United States C.E.Mill.
Meyer, Georg Friedrich Wilhelm !Georg Friedrich Wilhelm Meyer 1782 1856 Germany G.Mey
Miller, Julian Howell !Julian Howell Miller 1890 1961 United States J.H.Mill.
Miller, Orson K., Jr. !Orson K. Miller, Jr. 1930 2006 United States O.K.Mill.
Mix, Arthur Jackson !Arthur Jackson Mix 1888 1956 United States Mix
Miyabe, Kingo !Kingo Miyabe 1860 1951 Japan Miyabe
Montagne, Jean Pierre Francois Camille !Jean Pierre François Camille Montagne 1784 1866 France Mont.
Montenecourt, Bland Symington !Bland Symington Montenecourt 1942 1987 United States
Moravec, Jiri !Jiří Moravec 1943 Czech Republic J.Moravec
Morelet, Pierre Marie Arthur !Pierre Marie Arthur Morelet 1809 1892 France
Morgan, Andrew Price !Andrew Price Morgan 1836 1907 United States Morgan
Moser, Meinhard !Meinhard Moser 1924 2002 Austria M.M.Moser
Mounce, Irene !Irene Mounce 1894 1987 United States Mounce
Mueller, Ferdinand von !Ferdinand von Mueller 1825 1896 Germany F.Muell.
Muller, Emil !Emil Müller 1920 2008 Switzerland E. Müll.
Murrill, William Alphonso !William Alphonso Murrill 1869 1957 United States Murrill
Nageli, Karl Wilhelm von !Karl Wilhelm von Nägeli 1817 1891 Switzerland Nägeli
Nannfeldt, Ian Axel !Ian Axel Nannfeldt 1904 1985 United States Nannf.
Nees von Esenbeck, Christian Gottfried Daniel !Christian Gottfried Daniel Nees von Esenbeck 1776 1858 Germany Nees
Niessl von Mayendorf, Gustav !Gustav Niessl von Mayendorf 1839 1919 Austria Niessl
Newhook, Frank !Frank Newhook New Zealand
Nobles, Mildred Katherine !Mildred Katherine Nobles 1903 1993 Nobles
Noordeloos, Machiel !Machiel Noordeloos 1949 Netherlands Noordel.
Nylander, William !William Nylander 1822 1899 Finland Nyl.
Olson, Lauritz William !Lauritz William Olson 1945 1992 United States
Orr, Robert T. !Robert T. Orr 1908 1994 United States
Orton, P.D. !P.D. Orton 1916 2005 United Kingdom P.D.Orton
Overeem, Casper van !Casper van Overeem 1893 1927 Netherlands Overeem
Overholts, Lee Oras !Lee Oras Overholts 1890 1946 United States Overh.
Oxner, Alfred Nickolaevich !Alfred Nickolaevich Oxner 1898 1973 Ukraine Oxner
Page, Robert Meredith !Robert Meredith Page 1919 1968 United States
Papa, Kenneth E. !Kenneth E. Papa 1931 1986 United States
Parker-Rhodes, Frederick !Frederick Parker-Rhodes 1914 1987 United Kingdom Park.-Rhodes
Parmasto, Erast !Erast Parmasto 1928 Estonia Parmasto
Patterson, Flora Wambaugh !Flora Wambaugh Patterson 1847 1928 United States F.Patt.
Pearson, A. A. !A. A. Pearson 1874 1954 United Kingdom A.Pearson
Peck, Charles Horton !Charles Horton Peck 1833 1917 United States Peck
Persoon, Christiaan Hendrik !Christiaan Hendrik Persoon 1761 1836 Netherlands Pers.
Petch, Thomas !Thomas Petch 1870 1948 United Kingdom Petch
Pijper, Adrianus !Adrianuc Pijper 1886 1964 Netherlands Pijper
Pilat, Albert !Albert Pilát 1903 1974 Czech Republic Pilát
Petersen, Ronald H. !Ronald H. Petersen 1934 United States R.H.Petersen
Plowright, Charles Bagge !Charles Bagge Plowright 1849 1910 United Kingdom Plowr.
Poeppig, Eduard Friedrich !Eduard Friedrich Poeppig 1791 1868 Germany Poepp.
Pole-Evans, Illtyd Buller !Illtyd Buller Pole-Evans 1879 1968 South Africa Pole-Evans
Pollack, Flora G. !Flora G. Pollack 1919 1997 United States Pollack
Pomerleau, Rene !Rene Pomerleau 1904 1993 Canada Pomerl.
Ponce de Leon, Patricio !Patricio Ponce de León 1919 2010 Cuba P.Ponce de León
Pouzar, Zdenek !Zdeněk Pouzar 1932 Czech Republic Pouzar
Presl, Karel !Karel Presl 1794 1852 Czech Republic C.Presl.
Pringsheim, Nathanael !Nathanael Pringsheim 1823 1894 Germany Pringsh.
Quelet, Lucien !Lucien Quélet 1832 1899 France Quél.
Queskett, Edwin John !Edwin John Queskett 1808 1847 E.J.Quekett
Rabenhorst, Gottlob Ludwig !Gottlob Ludwig Rabenhorst 1806 1881 Germany Rabenh.
Rafinesque, Constantine Samuel !Constantine Samuel Rafinesque 1783 1840 France Raf.
Raithelhuber, Jorg H. !Jörg H. Raithelhuber Raithelh.
Ramsbottom, John !John Ramsbottom 1885 1974 United Kingdom Ramsb.
Rands, Robert Delafield !Robert Delafield Rands 1890 1970 United States Rands
Raper, Kenneth Bryan !Kenneth Bryan Raper 1908 1987 United States Raper
Rea, Carleton !Carleton Rea 1861 1946 United Kingdom Rea
Redhead, Scott !Scott Redhead 1950 Canada Redhead
Rehm, Heinrich !Heinrich Rehm 1828 1916 Germany Rehm
Reichenbach, Ludwig !Ludwig Reichenbach 1793 1879 Germany Rchb.
Reid, Derek !Derek Reid 1927 2006 United Kingdom D.A.Reid
Riedl, Harald Udo von !Harald Udo von Reidl 1936 Austria Rield
Ricken, Adalbert !Adalbert Ricken 1851 1921 Germany Ricken
Ridley, Henry Nicholas !Henry Nicholas Ridley 1855 1956 United Kingdom Ridl.
Rogerson, Clark Thomas !Clark Thomas Rogerson 1918 2001 United States Rogerson
Romagnesi, Henri !Henri Romagnesi 1912 1999 France Romagn.
Rostrup, Emil !Emil Rostrup 1831 1907 Denmark Rostr.
Ruhle, George Dewey !George Dewey Rühle 1898 1962 United States Rühle
Rumphius, Georg Eberhard !Georg Eberhard Rumphius 1628 1702 Germany Rumph.
Saccardo, Pier Andrea !Pier Andrea Saccardo 1845 1920 Italy Sacc.
Saint-Hilaire, Augustin !Augustin Saint-Hilaire 1799 1853 France A.St.-Hil.
Sandstede, Heinrich !Heinrich Sandstede 1859 1951 Germany Sandst.
Savicz, Vsevolod Pavlovic !Vsevolod Pavlovic Savicz 1885 1872 Russia Savicz
Savile, Douglas Barton Osborne !Douglas Barton Osborne Savile 1919 2000 Canada Savile
Schaffer, Jacob Christian !Jacob Christian Schäffer 1718 1790 Germany Schaeff.
Schäffer, Julius !Julius Schäffer 1882 1944 Germany Jul.Schäff.
Schlechtendal, Diederich Franz Leonhard von !Diederich Franz Leonhard von Schlechtendal 1794 1866 Germany Schltdl.
Schroter, Joseph !Joseph Schröter 1837 1894 Germany J.Schröt.
Schrank, Franz Paula von !Franz Paula von Schrank 1747 1835 Germany Schrank
Schulzer von Muggenburg, Stephan !Stephan Schulzer von Müggenburg 1802 1892 Hungary Schulzer
Schol-Schwarz, Marie Beatrice !Marie Beatrice Schol-Schwarz 1898 1969 Netherlands M.B.Schwarz
Schweinitz, Lewis David von !Lewis David von Schweinitz 1780 1834 United States Schwein.
Scopoli, Giovanni Antonio !Giovanni Antonio Scopoli 1723 1788 Italy Scop.
Seaver, Fred Jay !Fred Jay Seaver 1877 1970 United States Seaver
Secretan, Louis !Louis Secretan 1758 1839 Switzerland Secr.
Selva, Steve !Steve Selva 1948 United States Selva
Seymour, Arthur Bliss !Arthur Bliss Seymour 1859 1933 United States Seym.
Shanor, Leland !Leland Shanor 1914 1993 United States Shanor
Shaw, Charles Gardner !Charles Gardner Shaw 1917 1998 United States C.G.Shaw
Shear, Cornelius Lott !Cornelius Lott Shear 1865 1956 United States Shear
Sibthorp, John !John Sibthorp 1758 1796 United Kingdom Sibth.
Silva-Hutner, Margarita !Margarita Silva-Hutner 2002 Puerto Rico
Sinden, James Whaples !James Whaples Sinden 1902 1994 Sinden
Singer, Rolf !Rolf Singer 1906 1994 Germany Singer
Smith, Alexander Hanchett !Alexander Hanchett Smith 1904 1986 United States A.H.Sm.
Smith, Annie Lorrain !Annie Lorrain Smith 1854 1937 United Kingdom A.L.Sm.
Smith, James Edward !James Edward Smith 1759 1828 United Kingdom Sm.
Smith, Worthington George !Worthington George Smith 1835 1917 United Kingdom W.G.Sm.
Smith, George !George Smith 1895 1967 United Kingdom G.Sm.
Smotlacha, Miroslav !Miroslav Smotlacha 1920 2007 Czech Republic Smotl.
Snell, Walter Henry !Walter Henry Snell 1889 1980 United States Snell
Sopp, Olav Johan !Olav Johan Sopp 1860 1931 Norway Sopp
Sowerby, James !James Sowerby 1757 1822 United Kingdom Sowerby
Spegazzini, Carlos Luigi !Carlos Luigi Spegazzini 1858 1926 Argentina Speg.
Sprague, Roderick !Roderick Sprague 1901 1962 United States R.Sprague
Sprengel, Kurt !Kurt Sprengel 1766 1833 Germany Spreng.
Sredinsky, Nicolay Konstantinovich !Nicolay Konstantinovich Sredinsky 1843 1908 Ukraine Sred.
Stakman, Elvin C. !Elvin C. Stakman 1885 1979 United States Stakman.
Stamets, Paul !Paul Stamets 1955 United States Stamets
Stevens, Frank Lincoln !Frank Lincoln Stevens 1871 1934 United States F.Stevens
Stevens, Neil Everett !Neil Everett Stevens 1887 1949 United States N.E.Stevens
Stevenson, Greta !Greta Stevenson 1911 1990 New Zealand G.Stev.
Stevenson, John Albert !John Albert Stevenson 1890 1979 United States J.A.Stev.
Stuntz, Daniel Elliot !Daniel Elliot Stuntz 1909 1983 United States D.E.Stuntz
Suarez, Teofilo Herrera !Teófilo Herrera Suárez 1924 Mexico T.Herrera
Summerbell, Richard !Richard C. Summerbell 1956 Canada Summerb.
Sumstine, David Ross !David Ross Sumstine 1870 1965 United States Sumst.
Svrcek, Mirko !Mirko Svrček 1925 Czech Republic Svrček
Sydow, Hans !Hans Sydow 1879 1946 Germany Syd.
Sydow, Paul !Paul Sydow 1851 1925 Germany P.Syd.
Tapia, Fidel !Fidel Tapia F.Tapia
Tehon, Leo Roy !Leo Roy Tehon 1895 1954 United States Tehon
Thaxter, Roland !Roland Thaxter 1858 1932 United States Thaxt.
Thiers, Harry D. !Harry D. Thiers 1919 2000 United States Thiers
Thom, Charles !Charles Thom 1872 1956 United States Thom
Thunberg, Carl Peter !Carl Peter Thunberg 1743 1828 Sweden Thunb.
Tieghem, Phillippe Edouard Leon van !Phillippe Édouard Léon van Tieghem 1839 1914 France Tiegh.
Tiffany, Lois Hattery !Lois Hattery Tiffany 1924 2009 United States L.H.Tiffany
Torrey, John !John Torrey 1796 1873 United States Torr.
Tournefort, Joseph Pitton de !Joseph Pitton de Tournefort 1656 1708 France Tourn.
Tranzschel, Vladimir Andreevich !Vladimir Andreevich Tranzschel 1868 1942 Russia Tranzschel
Traverso, Giovanni Battista !Giovanni Battista Traverso 1878 1959 Italy Traverso
Tuckerman, Edward !Edward Tuckerman 1817 1886 United States Tuck.
Tulasne, Charles !Charles Tulasne 1816 1884 France C.Tul.
Tulasne, Louis René !Louis René Tulasne 1815 1885 France Tul.
Uecker, Francis A. !Francis A. Uecker 1930 1995 United States Uecker
Ulbrich, Oskar Eberhard !Oskar Eberhard Ulbrich 1857 1952 Germany Ulbr.
Underwood, Lucien Marcus !Lucien Marcus Underwood 1853 1907 United States Underw.
Urban, Zdenek !Zdeněk Urban 1923 2000 Czech Republic Z.Urb.
Vahl, Martin !Martin Vahl 1749 1804 Denmark Vahl.
Vaillant, Sebastien !Sébastien Vaillant 1669 1722 France Vaill.
Vaasma, Mall !Mall Vaasma 1945 2009 Estonia
Vainio, Edvard August !Edvard August Vainio 1853 1929 Finland Vainio
Velenovsky, Josef !Josef Velenovský 1858 1949 Czech Republic Velen.
Vezda, Antonin !Antonín Vězda 1920 2008 Czech Republic Vězda
Vilgalys, Rytas !Rytas Vilgalys 1958 United States Vilgalys
Volk, Thomas !Thomas Volk United States T.J.Volk
Vuillemin, Jean Paul !Jean Paul Vuillemin 1861 1932 France Vuill.
Wahlenberg, Goran !Göran Wahlenberg 1780 1851 Sweden Wahlenb.
Wakefield, Elsie Maud !Elsie Maud Wakefield 1886 1972 United Kingdom Wakef.
Wallich, Nathaniel !Nathaniel Wallich 1786 1854 Denmark Wall.
Ward, Harry Marshall !Harry Marshall Ward 1854 1906 United Kingdom H.M.Ward
Warming, Eugenius !Eugenius Warming 1841 1924 Denmark Warm.
Wasson, R. Gordon !R. Gordon Wasson 1898 1986 United States
Watling, Roy !Roy Watling 1938 Scotland Watling
Wehmeyer, Lewis Edgar !Lewis Edgar Wehmeyer 1897 1971 United States Wehm.
Weigel, Christian Ehrenfried !Christian Ehrenfried Weigel 1748 1831 Germany Weigel
Welwitsch, Friedrich !Friedrich Welwitsch 1806 1872 Austria Welw.
Weresub, Luella Kayla !Luella Kayla Weresub 1918 1979 Canada Weresub
West, Erdman !Erdman West 1894 1965 United States E.West
Westerdijk, Johanna !Johanna Westerdijk 1883 1961 Netherlands Westerd.
Westergaard, Mogens !Mogens Westergaard 1912 1975 Denmark
Weston, William Henry !William Henry Weston 1890 1978 United States W.Weston
Whetzel, Herbert Hice !Herbert Hice Whetzel 1877 1944 United States Whetzel
Whisler, Howard C. !Howard C. Whisler 1931 2007 United States Whisler
White, William Lawrence !William Lawrence White 1908 1952 United States W.L.White
Willdenow, Carl Ludwig !Carl Ludwig Willdenow 1765 1812 Germany Willd.
Withering, William !William Withering 1741 1799 United Kingdom With.
Wolf, Frederick Adolph !Frederick Adolph Wolf 1885 1975 United States F.A.Wolf
Wood, Alec !Alec Wood 1933 Australia A.E.Wood
Wood, John Medley !John Medley Wood 1827 1915 South Africa J.M.Wood
Wright, Jorge Eduardo !Jorge Eduardo Wright 1922 2005 Argentina J.E.Wright
Wulfen, Franz Xavier von !Franz Xavier von Wulfen 1728 1805 Austria Wulfen
Yarwood, Cecil Edmund !Cecil Edmund Yarwood 1907 1981 United States
Young, Anthony M. !Anthony M. Young Australia A.M.Young
Zablocka, Wanda !Wanda Zabłocka 1900 1978 Poland
Zahlbruckner, Alexander !Alexander Zahlbruckner 1860 1939 Austria Zahlbr.
Zeller, Sanford Myron !Sanford Myron Zeller 1885 1948 United States Zeller
Zopf, Friedrich Wilhelm !Friedrich Wilhelm Zopf 1846 1909 Germany Zopf
Zundel, George Lorenzo !George Lorenzo Zundel 1885 1950 United States Zundel

Famous quotes containing the words list of and/or list:

    I made a list of things I have
    to remember and a list
    of things I want to forget,
    but I see they are the same list.
    Linda Pastan (b. 1932)

    Weigh what loss your honor may sustain
    If with too credent ear you list his songs,
    Or lose your heart, or your chaste treasure open
    To his unmastered importunity.
    William Shakespeare (1564–1616)