List of My Two Dads Episodes - Episode List - Season 1 (1987/88)

Season 1 (1987/88)

1. "Pilot" (101)

Michael and Joey were once best friends. However, the two lost touch when they quarreled over a girl. They are reunited for the reading of her will and discover they have been granted joint custody of her daughter. Which of the two is the father? The judge declares they both are.

  • Broadcast: 9/20/1987
  • Different opening credits, and a different theme song were used for this episode.

2. "Soho's By You" (102)

When the family experiment with moving into Michael's apartment, Joey has difficulty fitting into uptown life, and Nicole has no playmates in their new building.

  • Broadcast: 9/27/1987
  • An opening, similar to A-ha's Take On Me, was used for this episode, complete with a theme song sung by Greg Evigan, called "You Can Count on Me".

3. "Crime and Punishment" (103)

The dads must deal with Nicole when she and a friend go to the movies... in New Jersey.

  • Broadcast: 10/4/1987
  • Willie Garson (from Sex and the City) guest-stars in this episode.
  • A new opening featuring narration from Staci Keanan was used for this episode. Half of the theme songs' lyrics were cut, too.

4. "Nicole's First Date" (104)

Joey prepares Nicole for her first date. Unfortunately, his lecture didn't prepare her for being stood up.

  • Broadcast: 10/18/1987
  • A new narration from Staci Keanan was used for this episode, and would be used until the end of this season.

5. "Friends and Lovers" (105)

Nicole sets Michael up with a neighbor. He finds the situation confusing when he can't decide if they're dating or just friends.

  • Broadcast: 10/25/1987

6. "Who's Night is it, Anyway?" (106)

When both dads have dates, they decide to let Nicole stay home alone with her friends.

  • Broadcast: 11/1/1987

7. "Once a Son..." (107)

Joey makes a deal with his father. He'll join the family plumbing business if his art doesn't sell at an upcoming one-man show.

  • Broadcast: 11/8/1987

8. "Sex, Judge, and Rock and Roll" (108)

Michael gets a date with a woman that turned Joey down. Unfortunately, the woman is Judge Wilbur's engaged niece.

  • Broadcast: 11/15/1987

9. "The Artful Dodger" (109)

When Nicole has a failing grade in art, Joey rushes to her defense. He ends up dating the teacher, something that makes Nicole very unhappy.

  • Broadcast: 11/29/1987

10. "Quality Time" (110)

Michael suffers from guilt when business forces him to cancel dates with Nicole.

  • Broadcast: 12/6/1987

11. "Tis the Season" (111)

Joey and Michael are excited to celebrate their first Christmas with Nicole. Unfortunately, she wants to ignore the holiday because it will be her first without her mom.

  • Broadcast: 12/20/1987

12. "The Only Child" (112)

Nicole misses being the center of attention when her dads fulfill her wish for a little brother.

  • Broadcast: 1/3/1988

13. "Joey's Mother-in-Law" (113)

When Michael's mom comes for a visit, she makes Joey miserable and stops Nicole from seeing Cory.

  • Broadcast: 1/10/1988

14. "Nicole in Charge" (114)

Upset and worried when Michael ends up in the hospital after training, Nicole demands the loft's racquetball championship be cancelled.

  • Broadcast: 1/17/1988

15. "The Wedge" (115)

Joey's rock star friend visits. He believes Michael has been a bad influence on Joey.

  • Broadcast: 2/7/1988
  • Joey's Rock star friend is Davy Jones of The Monkees.

16. "Advice and Consent" (116)

Cory needs kissing help, so his older brother and the dads try to give him some guidance.

  • Broadcast: 2/14/1988

17. "She'll Get Over It" (117)

When Nicole's first modeling audition goes badly, Michael uses his influence to cheer her up.

  • Broadcast: 2/21/1988
  • Scott Baio guest-stars in this episode.

18. "Michael's Sister Comes Over and Visits" (118)

When Michael's sister left her medical career, she and Michael became estranged. Now she's come back to visit, and Michael is unhappy to learn that Joey is the person who convinced her to leave.

  • Broadcast: 2/28/1988

19. "Nicole's Big Adventure (119)

Nicole spends a week away at camp, and the dads need help from friends to survive the loneliness.

  • Broadcast: 3/19/1988

20. "My Fair Joey" (120)

Joey asks for Michael's help. He wants to be presentable when meeting his new date's father. Unfortunately, she's the woman of Michael's dreams.

  • Broadcast: 3/28/1988

21. "The Family in Question" (121)

When a newspaper reporter writes an article criticizing Judge Wilbur, especially her decision to put Nicole with Joey and Michael, a television reporter decides to do a feature on them by interviewing everyone involved and recording Nicole with her two fathers to see who is right.

  • Broadcast: 5/9/1988
  • Dr. Joyce Brothers guest-stars in this episode.

22. "Friends of the Family" (122)

Cory's brother must repay the damage he caused to Klawicki's front door.

  • Broadcast: 8/14/1988

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