List of Missouri Civil War Confederate Units

List Of Missouri Civil War Confederate Units

This is a list of Missouri Civil War Confederate Units, or military units from the state of Missouri which fought for the Confederacy in the American Civil War. A border state with both southern and northern influences, Missouri attempted to remain neutral when the war began. However, this was unacceptable to the Federal government, and Union military forces moved against the capital to arrest the legislature and the governor. Governor Claiborne Jackson called out the Missouri State Guard to resist. Union forces under Gen. Nathaniel Lyon seized the state capital, and a minority of pro-Union members of the legislature declared the governor removed from office. They appointed a pro-Union governor, and the Federal government recognized him even though he had not been elected. This resulted in a civil war within the state, as Missourians divided and joined both the Union and Confederate armies. Missouri sent representatives to the United States Congress and the Confederate States Congress, and was represented by a star on both flags.

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List Of Missouri Civil War Confederate Units - Arkansas Soldiers in Missouri Units
... See also List of Arkansas Civil War Confederate units In addition to serving in Confederate units organized in Arkansas, many Arkansas soldiers would serve in Confederate units organized in Missouri ... Because Missouri Confederate troops were effectively driven out of the geographic area of Missouri after the Pea Ridge Campaign, except during raids by Generals Marmaduke, Shelby and Price ... This practice led some Missouri units to be mislabeled as Arkansas units when Confederate service records were compiled by the United States War Department in the 1880s, and some Arkansas units being mislabeled as ...

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