List of M.I. High Characters

List Of M.I. High Characters

This is a list of all significant characters from the TV series M.I. High, a CBBC series.

Series 6

Aneisha (Neesh) Jones Aniesha Jones is the master of disguise in the group, and was originally spotted by MI9 for changing identities, though this was only noticed by them, and no-one else. According to Stella she was spotted with the president of the United States, the foreign secretary and had a front row seat at the Royal wedding. Her excuse was that she needed big names for her petition of Human Rights. Her favourite subject would probably be drama-after all she is the master of disguise in the group and can pull off very convincing accents.

As well as being a master of disguises, Aneisha is very discerning. She trusts her instincts to tell her what's right and wrong; successfully identifying Jenny Lane as the Crime Minister and trusting Zoe from the start. Although she has some basic martial skills, Aniesha is not at such a standard as Zoe and Dan, causing her to feel left out when the three go on field work. Because Zoe and Dan are always together, she calls them Romeo and Juliet.



Zoe and Aneisha seem very good friends, Aneisha trusting Zoe from the start. She and Zoe often hang around together, and it is shown in episode 7 Aneisha cares for her a lot. Despite this, she sometimes gets jealous that Dan and Zoe always hang around together and leave her out on the missions sometimes.


Dan and Aneisha work very well together and she cares for him very much, but sometimes he avoids her or leaves her to checkout the field alone because he admires Zoe for her brilliant skills and usually takes her with him on missions mainly because she has advanced combat skills. It's usually Zoe who saves them both from KORPS agents.


Aneisha and Tom are the best of friends (just like Zoe and Dan are) and Tom pranks Aneisha a lot sending love messages to Roly using voice software, which she found very annoying saying she was gonna dedicate her entire life to getting him back. Even though they do annoy each other she is still a good friend to him and comforts him when he is upset.


Aneisha gets along with Frank well but sometimes he doesn't listen to what she says especially when her instincts are correct. In the first episode she identified Jenny Lane as the Crime Minister but when she was first suspicious he denied this.


Roly fancies Aneisha but she just finds him extremely annoying and even says she would chuck him back in the prison the escaped from in Prison Break. She also finds Byron just as annoying mainly because he has an annoying singing voice and he always is playing his guitar.

  • Played By Oyiza Momoh



Dan gets on well with his mentor, each trusting the other to do the right thing. Dan shows in Episode 1/2 that he believes Frank is innocent, and goes out to prove this, showing that he trusts the older mentor.


Zoe is Dan's girlfriend, but when Zoe first joined M.I High he made it obvious he didn't trust her. However as the series progressed, it became clear they were good friends, and as shown in episode 9, the Dark wizard, they are more than good friends, as they share a romantic hug together and Dan is prepared to risk his life for her, confronting the wizard who has her in his grasp. He also says later on:I'm lucky because I get to work for MI9, defeat the villain and save the princess for real. In Series 6 Episode 4, Dan asks Zoe out on a date which she said yes to but Zoe didn't realise it was a date until Tom said to her ' I thought he was never gonna ask you out on a date.'and zoe replied 'a date?' as she did not know what was going on. Zoe cares for Dan in the same way he does for her and always tries to keep him out of danger and has saved his life many times with her advanced combat skills.Aneisha feels left out everytime they do a mission because Dan always go with Zoe. He comforts her when she is upset for example in Prison Break when she is locked up she doesn't speak for 4 days. Dan says to her "You OK" she replies with "Being locked up, bad memories" because at SKUL she was always locked up.


Melissa fancies Dan a lot and thinks he's amazing. So do her friends as he does get a lot of the girls attention. He says he'd do anything to get away from her, which shows he doesn't like her at all as he fancies Z0E.

  • Played By Sam Strike

Tom Tupper Tom Tupper (Bleakwood student and M.I.9 Spy, Series 6-) Tom is the technical genius of the group; often creating gadgets to help out the team and hacking into various mainframes to stop KORPS. He was spotted when he hacked into NASA and reprogrammed the Mars rover to write Tom on the face of Mars. Often calling himself the boy genius, Tom seems to have a very sarcastic sense of humour. He sent Roly a message from 'Aneisha ' saying I Love You in Aneisha's voice, which surprise surprise Aneisha doesn't find very funny. He does have a fear of going in the field which he tries to tackle in episode 8 "The Germinator".



To Tom Dan is what he wants to be because Dan gets all the girls and attention mainly for Zoe.Despite their differences they are best friends and always look out for each other.


Tom and Aneisha have lots of reasons why they find each other annoying sometimes. One of them was because tom left a voice mail on Roly's phone saying I love you in Aneisha's voice, this made Aneisha say," I'm gonna dedicate the rest of my life for getting you back !"


Tom and Zoe are very good friends.When ever Zoe is down Tom always tries to make her better and when Tom feels left out Zoe always tries to include him some how. In episode 8 : Germinator Zoe spent a lot of time with tom trying to get his mood up because he never gets any of the girls.


Frank is Tom's mentor in MI9 and Tom looks up to him very much.This is because Tom spends a lot of time down in the base on computers with Frank, which makes Tom closest to him.

  • Played By Oscar Jacques

Zoe Zoe (St Hearts student and MI9 Spy, Series 6-Present) was supposed to be S.K.U.L's ultimate weapon, but was found by MI9 in the first episode of series 6, then decided to join MI9 as she believed SKUL to be in the wrong. Her original name was V.9.5.Z.O.E.6, often referred to as V.9.5. Aneisha named her Zoe after noticing Z.O.E. in her original name. She never knew her real parents as she spent her whole childhood at SKUL training to be a SKUL agent. It is revealed in Prison Break that the Mastermind is her father.She was blindfolded every time she left the SKUL building as The Grand Master didn't trust her. In Prison Break, it is implied she was frequently locked up ('You OK?' Being locked up. Bad memories'). She had never had any friends before until she was saved by Frank, Dan, Aneisha and Tom as they were her first friends.

She lives in MI9 foster placement, but if M.I. High was closed down, she wouldn't be allowed to stay there, and would have nowhere to go. She also loves jelly, has bright auburn hair and green eyes. Her favourite subject is physics and things to do with space and technology. Dan fancies her, and she in return fancies him, the pair being referred to Romeo and Juliet often and being called Dan's girlfriend. The two do share a romantic hug after they save each other in "The Dark Wizard". Their relationship will probably develop in the future episodes because they both have the same spy skills (fighting) if not Zoe has better.She is a trained gymnast and specialises in martial arts, effortlessly beating hoards of KORP's agents with ease. For this and other reasons her and Dan get chosen to do the main tasks in action missions, as Dan also knows how to fight and specialises in parkour. He usually relies on Zoe when she is in the field with him. She has had all the training at SKUL and is like Tom, Aneisha, and Dan in one person but doesn't really know much about the real world.She and Aneisha also seem good friends. Aneisha trusted Zoe from the beginning, and let her keep the book which in the end, saved Zoe's life! Dan asked Zoe out to a concert by Calvin Lame - she said yes, again showing that they fancy each other.



Zoe gets on well with her mentor, each trusting the other to do the right thing. She also looks up to Frank highly, saying that Frank blessed her with a better life, away from SKUL, a life she could not stand.He cares for her like a daughter, and when the others were ill, he seemed to be most worried about her. She shows kindness to Frank and like Aneisha he trusted her from the beginning giving her a new life.


From the beginning of Series 6, Aneisha was the only person to trust Zoe. Dan was the least trustworthy, but despite this, Aneisha kept her ground and repeatedly said to Dan that Zoe can be trusted. When Frank assigned Zoe to the team, Aneisha was the most excited because she finally had someone to talk spy clothes with. Aneisha hangs out with Zoe a lot but on missions gets slightly jealous when Dan leaves her and takes Zoe in the field. But she still really cares for her especially in episode 7 when Zoe gets trapped behind a door with lots of KORPS agents.


Zoe is always there for Tom whenever he is upset or in trouble. In the Germinator, Zoe comforted him when he said that girls never want to go out with him and when Mr. Flatley was about to announce the winner for the science projects they did, Zoe looked at Tom with crossed fingers, showing that she supports him. He was the only person to tell Zoe that Dan asked her out on a date in The Face of Revenge. It is shown that Tom wants Zoe and Dan to date as he says to Zoe 'I thought he was never gonna ask you out.'

Dan When Zoe first joined M.I High, Dan made it obvious that he didn't trust her. However as the series progressed, it became clear they were good friends, and there were also parts that showed they were a lot more than that. In various episode's Zoe is called Dan's girlfriend. In the Dark Wizard, Dan shows he is prepared to risk his life for her, by telling the enemy "Get your hands off her !" Dan soon saw Zoe on the ground in pain and ran over and helped her up, followed by a romantic hug. Dan is Zoe's crush, and the two care for each other a lot, always protecting the other, and standing by them. In the Dark Wizard, Dan risks his life to save Zoe, and at the end, they share a romantic hug together. In Prison Break, when they are locked up, Dan goes and sits next to Zoe, who is upset as being locked up brings back 'Bad memories', and comforts her, involving her in the escape plan. In the last part of Episode 4 of Series 6, The Face of Revenge, Dan asks Zoe if she wanted to go with him to Calvin Lame's concert which she said yes to. When Dan went to get the concert tickets, Tom turns to Zoe and says ' I thought he was never gonna ask you out on a date.' Zoe replies ' A date?' It would be a shame for these two lovers to not admit their feeling to everyone and themselves.Hopefully during the next few episode they will share a kiss and announce they like each other. In episode 5 mission incredible, Dan and Zoe are given a scene from Romeo and Juliet and are asked to perform it in front of their friends and some boldovians. Before they did this scene Dan asked Zoe, "Are you nervous?" and Zoe replied "About the mission?" then Dan said "No about our scene tonight?" then Zoe replied "Why would I be?" Dan then quickly said "Well its Romeo and Juliet, and we've got to do it in front of all those people". Unfortunately, Janus (KORPS agent) rang the fire alarm and stopped their scene of Romeo and Juliet from carrying on. He does mainly stare at her as he has feelings for her.

The Mastermind

In Prison Break,Zoe is told by the head of SKAPULA (a part of KORPS) that she is the Mastermind's daughter, as she never knew her parents and spent her whole life at SKUL. She must have known them when she was little just doesn't remember where and when. She was told she had been at KORPS when she was very little. The Criminister could be her mother.

  • Played By Natasha Watson

Frank London was head of part of training that Rose was taking between series two and three. Later on in the first episode, we discover he has taken over Lenny's position, because Lenny has moved on. Frank is also employed as the school caretaker. He gets on much better with Mr. Flatley than Lenny did, but, Frank is still quite new and is shown to have very little experience in hand-to-hand combat, As shown in "The Patient" when faced with a Ninja he performed some questionable Kung-Fu moves before she took him down easily. He generally quite lovable and cares about the agents under his care a lot. He has now moved on from Saint Hopes to Bleakwood Academy.

  • Played by: Jonny Freeman He reprises the role in series 6

Series 4-5

Oscar Cole OScar is the team's master of disguise, able to blend in anywhere. Oscar is hiding under a secret identity, as part of an MI9 protection program, and in the first three episodes he was in, he was secretive about his past until Rose needs to access his file in 'Agent X'. Oscar's mother was, and is, a S.K.U.L. agent, and after a failed attempt by M.I.9. to arrest her just over two years ago, she was forced to leave him. Oscar was taken to various safe-houses and training centres, to become the spy he is now. In the episode 'The Mole', we discover that Oscar has a fear of the dark. When his character is first introduced in 'Art Attack', Frank states that he speaks 14 languages but not Spanish as revealed in 'Think Tank'. Avril Has a massive crush on him and he hates being stalked by her, In the episode 'Family Trees' she starts hacking into his Secret identity. At the end of 'B Team', series 5, Oscar kisses Avril on the head. In the 'The Lost Hero' it is revealed that his dad is alive and working as the mole for SKUL. He is also the first agent Rose spots.

His real name is Oscar Dixon-Halliday which is double-barelled after both his parents. His name was changed to Oscar Cole by M.I. 9 who wanted to protect his identity after his mother left to join S.K.U.L.

  • Played by: Ben Kerfoot

Carrie Stewart Carrie is a keen gymnast, and has ambitions to become a professional gymnast. Episode 'Agent X' tells us that her mum encourages this idea, and she gets Carrie to keep an Internet blog, so that when she is famous, her fans can keep track of her. Carrie is also the team's martial arts expert. She is an only child.

  • Played by: Charlene Osuagwu

Frank London was head of part of training that Rose was taking between series two and three. Later on in the first episode, we discover he has taken over Lenny's position, because Lenny has moved on. Frank is also employed as the school caretaker. He gets on much better with Mr. Flatley than Lenny did, but, Frank is still quite new and is shown to have very little experience in hand-to-hand combat, As shown in "The Patient" when faced with a Ninja he performed some questionable Kung-Fu moves before she took him down easily. He generally quite lovable and cares about the agents under his care a lot. He has now moved on from Saint Hopes to Bleakwood Academy.

  • Played by: Jonny Freeman He reprises the role in series 6

Series 1-3

Blane Whittaker was one of the three original agents in M.I. High. Blane was a karate black belt champion, and holds the UK long jump record. Blane has been best friends with Stewart since the age of six, but after joining MI9, he hasn't been able to spend as much time with Stewart as he's wanted to. It was mentioned in 'Nerd Alert' that Blane has an older brother who's in the military. After the end of series two, both Blane and Daisy leave the series, to go off and train new child agents for MI9. Blane's hobbies include watching martial arts films and playing video games.

  • Last Appearance: Asteroid Attack
  • Played by: Moustafa Palazli

Daisy Miller was one of the three original agents in M.I.High. Daisy is a master of disguise and in many episodes she dresses up and goes undercover. She is also considered by Lenny to have superior social skills. Daisy is an only child. Her parents both work abroad. In 'The Power Thief', we learn that her dad is the chairman of a museum trustee board and is famous because of the position. She has met the Queen because of her dad's position and lives in a big country estate, although she tells no-one at school about her family or where she lives. Only Blane finds out the truth in 'The Power Thief'. She loves boys band "Crush". After the end of series, both Daisy and Blane leave the series, to go off and train new child agents for MI9. She has a crush on Blane but hasn't told him, though he asks her in the episode "Spy Animals" whether she fancied him or not while she was under the influence of truth serum, she started to say "Yes" until Lenny gave her the antidote to the serum and she quickly said, "No, of course not". She became very jealous of Irena when Blane shows an interest in her. Daisy is very girly and she often calls Rose a 'Geek' and in the episode 'The Others' she says that Rose and the Worm could get married and have 'Geeklets'

  • Last Appearance: Asteroid Attack
  • Played by: Bel Powley

Rose Gupta Rose is the scientific, technical and analytical expert, and is also portrayed as far smarter than the rest of the schools pupils, and also the teaching staff; the teachers often also rely on her to help them out. She is the eldest of three siblings and her parents own the local DVD rental store. She hinted that she may have a small crush on Blaine's friend, Stewart, in "The Worm" and is annoyed that Stewart prefers Daisy to her. In a later episode it is shown that the Worm himself has a big crush on Rose. In the episode 'Eyes on Their Stars', Rose is shown to play the tuba, although in the episode, she switches to clarinet at the end of the episode. She also has a hidden talent for singing, shown when she sang with Crush. In season 3 she temporarily joins a school for exceedingly intelligent children, but returns to Saint Hope's when it's true purpose is revealed. In the episodes "The B Team" and "The New Grand Master", Rose develops a crush on Scoop, and at the end of the former she states "The real Scoop is brave, thoughtful and kind, and the only thing holding him back is himself." In "The Gran Master", it is revealed that Scoop still likes Rose in spite of not knowing that she's a spy, and each wants to go to the disco with the other.

  • Played by: Rachel Petladwala She reprises the role in each series until series 5

Lenny Bicknall was an M.I.9 agent deep undercover posing as Saint Hope's School's caretaker. He has an old war wound on his hip which causes him to walk with a cane. He has been with M.I.9 for many years and has been involved in several espionage missions. His storeroom is the secret entrance to the M.I.9 school section, and he has his own personal spy gadgets including a signalling device concealed within the handle of his broom, which he uses when in caretaker guise contact agents under his care. He doesn't get on well with the school's headmaster, Mr. Flatley because Lenny spends more time with the agents than he does fixing things. Lenny cares greatly for the agents under his care. Lenny has been known to get very nostalgic often talking about his days as a young agent. Lenny moves on from M.I.High before series 3, and is replaced by Frank.

  • Last appearance: Asteroid Attack
  • Played by Danny John-Jules

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