List of Mammals Displaying Homosexual Behavior - Selected Images

Selected Images

  • Male bonnet macaques, similar to the youthful ones pictured, "give each other hand-jobs and sometimes eat the resulting semen" although using "hand-job" can be seen as overly anthropomorphic.

  • Kobus kob (Uganda Kob)."Female kob perform oral sex on each other and even stroke each other's vulvas with their forelegs. They may exhibit urolagnia during sex, one female will urinate while the other sticks her nose in the stream."

  • "Elevated levels of testosterone in utero" increases aggressiveness and both male and female spotted hyenas mount submissive same-sex members who likely have lower levels of testosterone from their mothers.

  • In "slip-and-slide" orgies, groups of male grey whales, one of the oldest species of mammals, roll in the ocean rubbing their bellies against each other so that their genitals are touching.

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