List of Lil' Bush Episodes - Season 1: 2007

Season 1: 2007

# Title Original airdate Prod. code
1 "Iraq / First Kiss" June 13, 2007 (2007-06-13) 102
Lil' Bush and the Gang go to Iraq to find the perfect Father's Day gift; the Gang bets to see who can kiss a girl first. The gang is shown as Guns N' Roses in a musical number.
2 "Nuked / Camp" June 20, 2007 (2007-06-20) 101
Lil' Bush learns to stand up to a bully named Lil' Kim Jong-II by bombing, among other things, his residence; Lil' Bush and the Gang go to summer camp and discover a sleeper cell. The Lil' Bush Band is shown as the Sex Pistols, and later as Kiss in this episode.
3 "Gay Friend / Mexican" June 27, 2007 (2007-06-27) 103
Lil' Bush meets Lil' Tony Blair, and the two become close friends and cheerleaders for the school's football team, while the Gang begins to blindly follow Lil' Barack Obama in Lil' George's place; Under his father's threat of canceling Martin Luther King day, Lil' Bush and the Gang find an alternate way to complete their chores, with the help of illegal immigrant workers. The gang parodies WHAM! and Toni Basil in their musical numbers.
4 "Global Warming / Hall Monitor" July 11, 2007 (2007-07-11) 104
The gang try to thwart Lil' Al's Lil' Live Earth concert, featuring the Lil' Foo Fighters and Lil' Red Hot Chili Peppers to secure the earth's future as a completely flooded uninhabitable wasteland that the gang sees as an "awesome water park"; Lil' Bush competes with Lil' John McCain for the position of Hall Monitor by exploiting the school's fear of hippies. The band ends up parodying the Red Hot Chili Peppers (wearing only socks during their performance) in the first short, and in the second short, they parody the Grateful Dead.
5 "Evolution / Press Corps Dinner" July 18, 2007 (2007-07-18) 105
Lil' Cheney goes to hell after perishing of a heart attack, where he proves himself more evil than Satan, and Lil' Bush becomes a born again Christian and denounces evolution; Lil' Bush is the headliner at his father's Press Corps Dinner when he discovers he has a knack for comedy. The Lil' Bush band parodies several rap artists, including Eminem and 50 Cent, in an anti-evolution video.
6 "Haunted House / Hot Dog" July 25, 2007 (2007-07-25) 106
Lil' Bush and the gang spend the night up in the haunted White house attic, and are visited by the ghosts of the Founding Fathers which turn out to be the Lil' Democrats in disguise (except for the real ghost of George Washington in search for his head)-- this short parodies the chase scenes and imagery of Scooby-Doo; Lil' Bush and the Gang meet Lil' Michael Moore, who attempts to expose their torture of the school cafeteria workers in an attempt to bring back the american institution of hot dogs when the school decides to be in favor of a more multi-cultural menu (based on the Abu Ghraib torture photos). The "Hot Dog" episode also features Jeb with a short-lived but greatly improved intelligence as a result of a frying pan blow to his head.
7 "Walter Reed" August 1, 2007 (2007-08-01) (Released With Season 1 on DVD) 107
Lil' Bush and his gang put on a concert at the nearby Walter Reed veteran's hospital, which accidentally brings media attention to the atrocious conditions there. As punishment, he and the gang must raise money for repairs, which the eventually spend on themselves. Featuring Henry Rollins as the voice of an injured veteran that Lil' Bush knicknames "Halfsy". This 11-minute storyline was produced but never aired as a backup episode. The network was worried that the story of show 105, featuring Lil' Dick Cheney dying of a heart attack, would be insensitive to air if the real Dick Cheney had a heart attack. It appears on the Lil' Bush Season One DVD, along with an introduction from show creator Donick Cary and writer Opus Moreschi.

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