List of Indian Dishes - North


Name Image1 Description Vegetarian/
Chapati Bread. Whole wheat flour. Vegetarian
Rice Rice. Vegetarian
Biryani Main or side dish. Rice, optional spices, optional vegetables or meats Can have with plain yogurt.
Naan Bread. Refined wheat flour. Vegetarian
Paratha Bread. Wheat flour. Vegetarian
Tandoori chicken Chicken portions, marinated with spice, and cooked in an oven (Tandoor). Chicken Have with dip. Non-Veg
Chole bhature Main. Chick peas, assorted spices, wheat flour and yeast for bhatura. Vegetarian
Baati Ghee (Clarified butter). Wheat flour. Vegetarian
Dal Main. Assorted types of lentils, such as toor, urad, chana, masoor dal. Vegetarian
Bhatura Bread. Wheat flour, fried. Vegetarian
Rajma Main. Kidney beans & assorted spices. Vegetarian
Dal makhani (Kali Dal) Main. A typical type of lentil is used. Vegetarian
Dal fry with tadka Typical north Indian tadka. Vegetarian
Daal Baati Churma Rajasthani special. Vegetarian
Daal Puri Stuffed dal in parathas. Vegetarian
Karela Bharta Bitter gourd/melon. Usually vegetarian
Bhindi Masala Okra sautéed with onions and tomatoes. Vegetarian
Sattu ki Roti Dish from bihar. Vegetarian
Gajar ka Halwa A sweet dish native to U.P./Punjab. Carrot, Milk, Ghee, Cashew. Vegetarian
Rajma Chaval Bean curry with rice. Vegetarian
Poha specialty from Madhya Pradesh. Common snack in Central part of India. Flattended rice, potato, turmeric. Vegetarian
Makki di roti, Sarson Da Saag Punjabi speciality. Vegetarian
Samosa Potatoes, onions, peas, coriander, and lentils. Vegetarian
Kachori Rajasthani /marwari special. Vegetarian
Kheer Rice Cooked with Milk and dry fruits. Milk and Rice, dry Fruits. Vegetarian
Palak Daal Spinach with toor daal. Vegetarian
Kofta Gram flour balls fried with vegetables. Gram flour, veggies, rolled into balls with gram flour and fried in oil and then cooked with curry. Vegetarian
Methi Saag, Chaulai Saab Veggie leaves sauteed in oil and garlic with little masalas. Cooked mostly in Central part of India. Vegetarian
Khichdi Rice cooked with daal and veggies and sauteed. Vegetarian
Sooji Halwa Semolina cooked with clarified butter and Dry fruits. Semolina (Suji), clarified butter, cashew nuts. Vegetarian
Singhada Halwa Lotus fruit dried and powdered to make this fasting sweet meat. Vegetarian
Palak Paneer Cottage cheese cubes in spinach gravy. Spinach, Paneer. Vegetarian
Aloo Matar Potatoes and peas in curry. Vegetarian
Dum Aloo Potatoes cooked in Curry. Vegetarian
Gobhi Aloo Cauliflower with potatoes sauteed with garam masala. Vegetarian
Paratha Matar Paratha, Paneer Paratha, Aloo Paratha, gajar paratha, mooli Paratha, all stuffed parathas with different veggies. Wheat flour. Vegetarian
Aloo methi Methi leaves and potatoes nicely flavoured. Potato, fresh Methi leaves. Vegetarian
Arbi masala Edoes cooked in onion tomato masala. Vegetarian
Mushroom do pyaza Vegetarian
Mixed vegetable Vegetarian
Vegetable Jalfrezi Vegetarian
Lauki ki subji Bottle Gourd. Vegetarian
Bharwaan tinde Vegetarian
Aloo baingan Vegetarian
Bharwaan baigan Vegetarian
Aloo shimla mirch Vegetarian
Lauki ke kofte Bottle gourd. Vegetarian
Pattor Vegetarian
Ramatori subji Vegetarian
Baigan bharta Eggplant (Baingan) cooked with tomatoes or onions. Vegetarian
Jeera aloo Vegetarian
Kadai paneer Vegetarian
Paneer butter masala Vegetarian
Butter Chicken
Amritsari fish
Amritsari Kulcha Vegetarian
Chana masala Vegetarian
Misi roti Vegetarian
Navrattan korma
Rongi Vegetarian
Pindi chana Vegetarian
French bean aloo Vegetarian
Bharwein karela Vegetarian
Shahi paneer Vegetarian
Mushroom matar Vegetarian
Moong dal ka halwa Vegetarian
Phirni Vegetarian
Amriti with Rabdi Vegetarian
Mathura ke pde Vegetarian
Pinni Vegetarian
Panjeeri Vegetarian
Katha meetha petha/halwakadoo Vegetarian
Sweet Pethas/ kesar petha/ pista petha Vegetarian
Gobhi matar Vegetarian
Gajar matar aloo Vegetarian
Aloo baingan masala Vegetarian
Aloo ki Tikki Vegetarian
Kulfi falooda Vegetarian
Paneer Tikka Masala Vegetarian
Kadhi Pakoda Gram Flour with Yogurt with gramflour fried balls. Vegetarian
Chicken Razala Bhopali style chicken cooked in a rich gravy with mint.
Shahi tukra Bread. Bread pudding in a rich sauce of thickened milk, garnished with sliced almonds. Vegetarian

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