List of Heinlein Planets - Citizen of The Galaxy

Citizen of The Galaxy

  • Akka — A planet where Creighton and Martha Rudbek were last seen alive.
  • Far-Star — The planet Creighton and Martha Rudbek were headed to after Akka.
  • Finster — A planet where Sisu trades. Populated by slug-like creatures which live in telepathic symbiosis with lemur-like creatures with delicate hands. They are fond of colourful picture books and pin-up pictures.
  • Hekate — A planet where the Great Gathering is held. Has the finest shipyards in the explored Galaxy and is a licensed bottler of Coca-Cola.
  • Jubbul — A planet where Baslim first meets Thorby. With its capital at Jubbulpore, Jubbul is capital of the Nine Worlds and residence in chief of the Great Sargon.
  • Losian — A planet where Sisu trades. Populated by a six-legged, two-mouthed race of aliens.
  • Lotarf — A planet where Sisu trades. Famous for hard bargaining - "… if you buy a beer without an hour's dickering you're ahead."
  • Mars — A planet where Rudbek of Rudbek owns a domehome.
  • Proxima — A planet with an embassy on Terra.
  • Riff — Home planet of Colonel Brisby, Commanding Officer of Guard Cruiser Hydra.
  • Shiva III — A planet with a spaceport called New Finlandia. Registered home port of the Free Trader Sisu (Captain Fjalar Krausa).
  • Terra (Earth) — Home planet of the human race.
  • Thaf Beta VI — A planet through which Doctor Margaret Mader transits on her way home after her work in Sisu is complete.
  • Thoth IV — A planet where Sisu trades. Mentioned only in passing.
  • Ultima Thule — A Rim region Planet mentioned only in passing.
  • Woolamurra — A planet where Sisu trades. The capital is New Melbourne and it appears to have been settled by Australians. Thorby contemplates jumping ship and Grandmother dies.

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