List of Energy Abbreviations - E


  • E&D—Exploration and development expenses
  • E85—E85 fuel: A fuel containing a mixture of 85 percent ethanol and 15 percent gasoline
  • E95—like E85 fuel but with less gasoline. A fuel containing a mixture of 95 percent ethanol and 5 percent gasoline
  • EA—Environmental assessment as in an Environmental impact assessment
  • EAR—Estimated additional resources, as in Considering reserves of uranium deposits
  • EC—European Commission
  • ECAR—East Central Area Reliability Coordination Agreement (US)
  • EPCIP—European Programme for Critical Infrastructure Protection
  • ECPA—Electric Consumers Protection Act (US)
  • EdF—Electricité de France
  • EDRP—Emergency demand response program
  • EE—Energy efficiency
  • EEI—Edison Electric Institute
  • EHV—Extra high voltage
  • EIA—Energy Information Administration (US)
    • —Environmental impact assessment (international)
  • EIB—European Investment Bank
  • EIPP—Eastern Interconnection Phasor Project
  • EIS—Environmental Impact Statement (US)
  • ELCON—Electricity Consumers Resources Council
  • EMF—Electro magnetic field
  • EMP—Environmental Management Plan
  • EOR—Enhanced oil recovery
  • EPA—United States Environmental Protection Agency
  • EPAct—Energy Policy Act of 1992 (US)
    • —Energy Policy Act of 2005 (US)
  • EPRI—Electric Power Research Institute (US)
  • EQR—Electric Quarterly Report
  • ERA—Economic Regulatory Administration (part of United States Department of Energy
  • ERCOT—Electric Reliability Council of Texas, Inc, a Regional Transmission Organization. (US)
  • ERGEG—European Regulators Group for Electricity and Gas
  • ERO—Electric Reliability Organization. The US designated NERC as its ERO.
  • ERRA - Energy Regulators Regional Association
  • ESCO—Energy service company
  • ESI—Environmental Sustainability Index
  • ESMAP—Energy Sector Management Assistance Programme
  • ESS—Energy Storage System, as in grid energy storage (electricity)
  • ETBE—ethyl tertiary butyl ether
  • ETSO—European Transmission System Operators association
  • EU—European Union
  • EUEF—European Union Energy Facility
  • EUEI—European Union Energy Initiative

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