List of Compositions By George Frideric Handel

List Of Compositions By George Frideric Handel

George Frideric Handel (23 February 1685 – 14 April 1759) was a German–English Baroque composer who is famous for his operas, oratorios and concerti grossi. Handel's compositions include 42 operas; 29 oratorios; more than 120 cantatas, trios and duets; numerous arias; chamber music; a large number of ecumenical pieces; odes and serenatas; and 16 organ concerti. His oratorio Messiah, with its "Hallelujah" chorus, is among the most famous works of classical music and is a popular choice for performances in the Christmas season. Among Handel's best-known instrumental works are the Concerti Grossi Opus 3 and 6; "The Cuckoo and the Nightingale", in which birds are heard calling during passages played in different keys representing the vocal ranges of two birds; and his 16 keyboard suites, especially The Harmonious Blacksmith.

Collected editions of Handel's works include the Händel-Gesellschaft (HG) and the Hallische Händel-Ausgabe (HHA), however the more recent Händel-Werke-Verzeichnis (HWV) publication is now commonly used to number his works. For example, Handel's Messiah can be referred to as: HG xlv, HHA i/17, or HWV 56. Some of Handel's music is also numbered based on initial publications, for example a 1741 publication by Walsh labelled twelve of Handel's concerti grossi as Opus 6.

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List Of Compositions By George Frideric Handel - Previously Attributed
... The following works are no longer thought to have been composed by Handel The Passion nach dem Evang ... Johannes (the Passion according to the evangelist John) ...

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