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Other Astrasians

Meruvis is an adjutant of the Blades of the Night's Veil under Chrodechild.

Roberto is the youngest member of the brigade. He is at first at odds with the Hero.

Gadburg is the blacksmith of the Blades of the Night's Veil, responsible for their signature Black Blades.

Mourgent is a legendary blademaster of Astrasia, but went into hiding in the ruins near Citro Village and was believed to be dead.

Guntram is a vassal to the former King of Astrasia and the leader of the country's liberation movement. He becomes Prime Minister of Astrasia under Queen Chrodechild after the war.

Amaralicht is a soldier in the Astrasia insurgency.

Quillard, is Amaralicht's younger brother who considers Fredegund as a traitor to Astrasia. He and Amaralicht would later train under Fredegund and become Knights of the Blades of Night's Veil.

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