List of Celebrity Deathmatch Episodes

List Of Celebrity Deathmatch Episodes

This is the list of all the episodes and fights in the claymation series Celebrity Deathmatch. Bolded characters' names are the winners in a fight.

Read more about List Of Celebrity Deathmatch Episodes:  Pilot Episodes (January 1 & 25, 1998), Season 1 (May 14, 1998-October 22, 1998), Season 2 (January 31, 1999–November 11, 1999), Season 3 (January 27, 2000-February 11, 2001), Season 4 (July 22, 2001-June 6, 2002), MTV2 Season 5 (June 10, 2006-July 29, 2006), MTV2 Season 6 (February 9, 2007-March 30, 2007)

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List Of Celebrity Deathmatch Episodes - MTV2 Season 6 (February 9, 2007-March 30, 2007)
... Episode Fight Featuring Deaths Fight Specialty The Beginning Of Celebrity Deathmatch Mischa Barton vs ... father Bow Wow and Romeo Murdered before the match by the Deathmatch crew so they could be brought back as children ... the "Lil'" part of their rap names when they grew up, the Deathmatch crew murdered them so they could be brought back as their "Lil'" selves with the ...

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