List of CAS Numbers By Chemical Compound - I


Chemical formula Synonyms CAS number
IBr iodine monobromide 7789-33-5
ICl iodine monochloride 7790-99-0
ICl3 iodine trichloride 865-44-1
IF iodine monofluoride 13873-84-2
IF3 iodine(III) fluoride 22520-96-3
IF5 iodine pentafluoride 7783-66-6
IF7 iodine heptafluoride 16921-96-3
IN3 iodine monoazide 14696-82-3
I2O4 diiodine tetroxide 12399-08-5
I2O5 diiodine pentoxide 12029-98-0
InAs indium(III) arsenide 1303-11-3
InBr indium(I) bromide 14280-53-6
InBr2 indium(II) bromide 21264-43-7
InBr3 indium(III) bromide 13465-09-3
In(C2H3O2)3 indium(III) acetate 25114-58-3
InCl indium(I) chloride 13465-10-6
InCl2 indium(II) chloride 13465-11-7
InCl3 indium(III) chloride 10025-82-8
InF indium(I) fluoride 74508-07-9
InF3 indium(III) fluoride 7783-52-0
InF3•3H2O indium(III) fluoride trihydrate 14166-78-0
InF3•9H2O indium(III) fluoride nonahydrate 7783-52-0
InH indium(I) hydride 13939-13-4
InI indium(I) iodide 13465-10-6
InI3 indium(III) iodide 13510-35-5
InN indium(III) nitride 25617-98-5
In(OH)3 indium(III) hydroxide 20661-21-6
InP indium(III) phosphide 22398-80-7
InPO4 indium(III) phosphate 14693-82-4
InS indium(II) sulfide 12030-14-7
InSb indium(III) antimonide 1312-41-0
InSe indium(II) selenide 1312-42-1
InTe indium(II) telluride 12030-19-2
In2I4 indium(I,III) iodide 13779-78-7
In2O3 indium(III) oxide 1312-43-2
In2(SO4)3 indium(III) sulfate 13464-82-9
In2S3 indium(III) sulfide 12030-24-9
In2Se3 indium(III) selenide 1312-42-1
In2Te3 indium(III) telluride 1312-45-4
IrBr2 iridium(II) bromide 77791-70-9
IrBr3 iridium(III) bromide 10049-24-8
IrBr4 iridium(IV) bromide 7789-64-2
IrCl2 iridium(II) chloride 13465-17-3
IrCl3 iridium(III) chloride 10025-83-9
IrCl4 iridium(IV) chloride 10025-97-5
IrF3 iridium(III) fluoride 23370-59-4
IrF4 iridium(IV) fluoride 37501-24-9
IrF5 iridium(V) fluoride 14568-19-5
IrF6 iridium(VI) fluoride 7783-75-7
IrI2 iridium(II) iodide 19253-38-4
IrI3 iridium(III) iodide 7790-41-2
IrI4 iridium(IV) iodide 7790-45-6
IrO2 iridium(IV) oxide 12030-49-8
IrO2•2H2O iridium(II) oxide dihydrate 30980-84-8
IrS2 iridium(IV) sulfide 12030-51-2
IrSe2 iridium(III) selenide 12030-55-6
IrTe3 iridium(III) telluride 12196-62-2
Ir2O3 iridium(III) oxide 12030-49-8
Ir2S3 iridium(III) sulfide 12136-42-4

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