List of Britain and Ireland's Next Top Model Contestants

List Of Britain And Ireland's Next Top Model Contestants

This is a list of contestants who have appeared on the British television show Britain & Ireland's Next Top Model. Contestants compete against each other to become the next British and Irish top model. They are judged by model Elle Macpherson (previously Lisa Butcher and Lisa Snowdon) and her panel of judges, and win a modeling contract with Models 1, a cover and/or spread in a magazine, and a cosmetics campaign. The series first aired in 2005 and as of 2012, there have been eight "cycles" that have aired. In its eight years running, eight models have been crowned "Britain's Next Top Model" – Lucy Ratcliffe, Lianna Fowler, Lauren McAvoy, Alex Evans, Mecia Simson, Tiffany Pisani, Jade Thompson and Letitia Herod.

During Cycle 5, 20 participants were involved in the competition, which was the largest amount of girls being allowed to enter at that time. At the end of first episode of Cycle 5, seven people were eliminated in the competition, leaving the other 13 to progress to the finals.

This was the same happening again in Cycle 6, 25 participants were also involved in the competition and was superseded as the largest girls to enter at the time. Twelve people were eliminated at the end of first episode and leaving only 13 made it to the finals. But, one girl from the semifinals list was added into the finals with a final number of 14 girls.

The record was surpassed by cycle 7, in which 85 aspiring models progressed to the boot camp stage as semi-finalists. Sixty-three girls failed to make the first cut in episode four. Ultimately, 10 more girls were eliminated later that same episode (including 20 Year old Ufuoma Itoje). However, Elle decided to put Ufuoma into the competition, bringing the number of finalists for cycle 7 to thirteen contestants.

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