List of Bands From Bristol - C


  • Candado Palado: Pop punk semi novelty band (1977-9) which supported many of the better known bands of the time including Cortinas, Shoes for Industry, Joe Public and The Spics.
  • Cassette Culture: Lo fi indie rock band (2010–present)
  • Cauda Pavonis: Death Rock. dark wave Gothic rock band, formed around the core due of husband and wife team Su and David Wainwright. 1989–present. Have issued 6 full length albums and numerous eps and singles.
  • Chaos UK: Hardcore punk band (1979–present). Originally signed to Riot City Records, they have toured the world and released numerous albums and singles.
  • Chaotic Dischord: Punk band (1981–1988). Initially formed as a joke, by members of Vice Squad and their road crew, to prove a point to Simon Edwards of Riot City Records. They subsequently went on to be one of the label's best-selling acts.
  • The Chesterfields: Indie pop band from Yeovil, Somerset (1984–1989). They garnered Indie Chart Hits for their singles and albums on Bristols' The Subway Organization label, as well as their own Household label.
  • Chikinki: Funk band that evolved into electro-pop (1996–present). Originally signed to Bristol label Sink and Stove Records who released their debut album Experiment with Mother, they then joined Island Records, but were later dropped.
  • Gary Clail: Rap singer and producer. Part of On-U Sound Records and led Gary Clail's Tackhead Sound System. His 1991 single ‘Human Nature’ released as Gary Clail On-U Sound System reached #10 in the UK chart.
  • Claytown Troupe: An alternative rock band from Bristol, Bath, and Weston-super-Mare, England. (1984–1993, 2004–present). Formed by lead singer Christian Riou. The have produced albums for Island Records and EMI.
  • Climie Fisher: Pop duo (1987–1990), formed by former Naked Eyes keyboardist Rob Fisher and vocalist Simon Climie. They are best known for the 1987/88 hit singles "Love Changes (Everything)" and the hip hop-styled remix of "Rise to the Occasion".
  • Russ Conway: Pianist and composer (1925–2000). He had a cumulative total of 83 weeks on the UK Singles Chart in 1959, including two number one records: ‘Side Saddle’ and ‘Roulette’. He appeared as himself in French and Saunders' 1994 Christmas special, playing ‘Side Saddle’ in their spoof of The Piano.
  • Roger Cook: Singer and Songwriter (b. 1940, Fishponds, Bristol). Has written many hits, usually with his writing partner Roger Greenaway, for themselves and other recording artists. Was a member of The Kestrels, David and Jonathan and Blue Mink.
  • The Cortinas: Originally started as a R&B Band, but is more famous for its Punk and New Wave incarnations (1976–1978). Featured bassist Dexter Dalwood, guitarists Mike Fewings, drummer Daniel Swan (Sneetches) and future Clash member Nick Sheppard. They split up in the same year they released, on CBS, their debut album, ‘True Romances’.
  • Colonel Kilgores: A visual live act and recording artist who released a 12 inch single 'Colonel Kilgores Vietnamese Formation Surf Team Napalm Blues'
  • The Cougars: Rock instrumental group (1961–1964). They had a modest UK hit in 1963 with the single, "Saturday Nite at the Duck-Pond", which was based on a small section of Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake, and was consequently banned by the BBC.
  • Crescent: Alternative band whose music is described as slow, minimalistic and melancholy (Early 1990s onwards). Shares members in common with Movietone.
  • Cridge (DJ Producer): DJ on the Rave scene, with a diverse musical outlook who went on to join Up Bustle & Out in the mid 90's and also form various drum & bass/dubstep offshoots alongside Suv from Reprazent.
  • Crow hailer: an indie/folk band from Bristol, England. Their debut album was released on Velvet Antler Records in 2012.
  • Adge Cutler: Alan John Cutler Scrumpy and Western singer and songwriter (1930–1974). Originator of the description Scrumpy and Western music, and founder of The Wurzels in 1966. Best known for his minor UK hit single in 1967 (and unofficial West Country Anthem), 'Drink Up Thy Zider'.

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