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Tournament Reserves

  • Mount Toba (マウント斗羽?) - Voiced by: Yū Shimaka A large Pro wrestler known all over the world. He first started fighting in the underground to prove his legitimacy as a fighter. He fought Baki and lost honorably. He fights as a replacement for the Katou/Monkey fight and goes up against Retsu Kaioh in round 2 losing by submission to kneebar. Like Igari he also fights dirty going as far as to kick sand into Retsu's eyes as well as throw his cape over Retsu to bind him like a net. He later provides commentary for Igari's matches in the tournament. He is based on real life pro wrestler Giant Baba. He dies in Baki Gaiden after a fight with Igari. A grand funeral is held in his honor after his death.
  • Yashazaru Jr. (夜叉猿Jr.?) (The Ghost Ape) - Voiced by: Eiji Yanagisawa (Teenage)Kiyomi Asai A giant red ape that fights Katou in the first round though he beats Katou. Orochi Katsumi proceeds to almost kill the ape before the intervention of Baki. He is the son of Yasha, The Beast of Yasha Crag. He crashed the tournament to avenge his father by hunting for Yujiro. Baki promised him that he would avenge him and his father by winning the tournament.
  • Amanai Yuu (天内 悠?) - Voiced by: Masaya Takatsuka. Yujiro's apprentice. Yujiro meets him in America, where he is serving as a bodyguard to the President. It is unknown whether he is Japanese or American, but it is most likely that he is American but of Japanese descent. However, he might be based on a young follower of Che Guevara. In the manga Yujiro takes him under his wing after he kidnapped the president. If that is the case he's from La Serna which is explained in the manga. His style is based on love in contrast to Yujiro's style which is more aggressive and based on rage. He fights Yamamoto Minoru in the first round, before losing to Doppo. After the fight he begged Tokugawa to end his match for Doppo's safety, and Yujiro nearly kills him and calls him weak. His fighting style is "Amanai Grappling" which seems to be loosely based on Capoeira given the Jumping and Kicking attacks in his fighting style as well as his fighting uniform consiusting of white pants and a red rope.
  • Andre Anov Garland (アンドレアノフ・ガーランド?) - Voiced by: Eiji Yanagisawa A giant Greco-Roman wrestler who has over 6000 wins and no losses. He replaces the injured Chiharu and is beaten by Jack Hammer who almost bites off his hand leaving it dangling by a piece of skin and stabs his ribs into his heart . He is later nearly killed by the Russian convict Sikorsky. He requested himself to be chained with specialized titanium shackles because he could not control his strength, but vowed to unlock himself if "Mother Russia" was in danger; thus given the nickname by his peers, "The Chained Patriot", what is most remarkable about him is that he does not possess any formal training apart from the basic rules of any combat sport he competes in and relies heavily on his own natural strength,strength which enabled him to cut down a tree with a single swing of his axe,rip the full roots of it from the ground and dig not any mere hole but a near meteor sized crater . In the English dub his name is pronounced "Zeigan/Zargan". This character is based on the real life Russian wrestler Alexander Karelin.
  • Francis Xavier (フランシス・シャビエル?) - A reserve who is seen in the ending credits of Maximum Tournament. Even though he does not make an actual appearance, his fighting style is Capoeira.
  • Takuji Kuriki (栗木拓次?) - A reserve who is seen in the ending credits of Maximum Tournament. Even though he does not make an actual appearance, his fighting style is Traditional School Karate.

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