List of Apple Cultivars - Cider Apples

Cider Apples

Cider apples may be far too sour or bitter for fresh eating, but are used for making cider. Some apples (especially older ones from the U.S. and Canada) are used for both cider and eating purposes.

Common name Origin First developed
Baldwin Wilmington, Massachusetts, USA ca. 1740
Brown Snout Herefordshire, England ca. 1850
Dabinett Somerset, England late C19
Dymock Red Gloucestershire, England
Foxwhelp Gloucestershire, England ca. 1600
Hagloe Crab
Kingston Black Near Taunton, Somerset, England late C19
Redstreak Herefordshire, England ca. 1630
Roxbury Russet Massachusetts, USA ca. 1640s
Stoke Red Rodney Stoke, Somerset, England early C20
Tremlett's Bitter Exe Valley, UK ca. 1820
Vista Bella Rutgers University, USA 1944
Winesap USA ca. 1817
Yeovil Sour Yeovil, Somerset ca. 1824

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