List of Anime Distributed By TV Tokyo - Anime Series - R


  • RPG Densetsu Hepoi
  • Ragnarok The Animation
  • Record of Lodoss War: Chronicles of the Heroic Knight
  • Requiem of the Phantom
  • Rerere no Tensai Bakabon
  • Revolutionary Girl Utena ("Ursula's Kiss")
  • Robby & Kerobby
  • Rockman Series (also considered as "MegaMan")
    • Rockman EXE (MegaMan NT Warrior)
    • Rockman EXE Axess (Megaman NT Warrior Axess)
    • Rockman EXE Stream
    • Rockman EXE Beast
    • Rockman EXE Beast+
    • Shooting Star Rockman Saga
  • Reborn!
  • Rumiko Takahashi Anthology
  • RunBots, 3D Anime Animation (co-production with Warner Bros. Animation, Dreamworks Animation, Jetix Europe and Nelvana)
  • Run=Dim

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