List of 2007 Motorsport Champions - Sports Car Racing

Sports Car Racing

  • FIA GT Championship:2007 FIA GT Championship season
    GT1: Thomas Biagi
    GT1 Teams: Vitaphone Racing
    GT1 Manufacturers: Maserati
    GT2: Dirk Müller
    GT2: Toni Vilander
    GT2 Teams: AF Corse
    GT2 Manufacturers: Ferrari
    Citation Cup: Ben Aucott
  • FIA GT3 European Championship
    Henri Moser
    Gilles Vannelet
    Teams: Martini Callaway Racing
  • FIA GT4 European Cup
    Eric De Doncker
  • Le Mans Series:2007 Le Mans Series season
    LMP1: Pedro Lamy
    LMP1: Stéphane Sarrazin
    LMP1 Teams: Team Peugeot Total
    LMP2: Thomas Erdos
    LMP2: Mike Newton
    LMP2 Teams: Ray Mallock Ltd.
    GT1: Soheil Ayari
    GT1: Stéphane Ortelli
    GT1 Teams: Oreca
    GT2: Robert Bell
    GT2 Teams: Virgo Motorsport
  • American Le Mans Series:2007 American Le Mans Series season
    P1: Rinaldo Capello
    P1: Allan McNish
    P1 Teams: Audi Sport North America
    P2: Timo Bernhard
    P2: Romain Dumas
    P2 Teams: Penske Motorsports
    GT1: Olivier Beretta
    GT1: Oliver Gavin
    GT1 Teams: Corvette Racing
    GT2: Jaime Melo
    GT2: Mika Salo
    GT2 Teams: Risi Competizione
  • International GT Open
    Richard Lietz
    Joël Camathias
    GTA: Andrea Montermini
    GTA: Michele Maceratesi
    GTS: Riccardo Romagnoli
    GTB: Gianni Giudici
  • ADAC GT Masters
    Christopher Haase
  • Australian GT Championship:2007 Australian GT Championship season
    Allan Simonsen
  • Belcar
    Bart Couwberghs
    Div. 1: Maxime Soulet
    Div. 1: Guillaume Dumarey
    Div. 2: Bart Couwberghs
    Div. 3: Hans Thiers
    Div. 3: Frank Thiers
  • Brazil GT3 Championship
    Alexandre Negrão
    Andreas Mattheis
  • British GT Championship:2007 British GT season
    Alex Mortimer
    Bradley Ellis
    GTC: Jamie Smyth
    GTC: Graeme Mundy
  • Dutch Supercar Challenge
    GT: Ardi van der Hoek
    GT: Robert van der Zwan
    SS1: Peter van der Kolk
    SS2: Tony Brown
    SS2: Ian White
    Sport: Kees Kreijne
  • Peroni Promotion Endurance GT Series
    GT Special: Fabio Valle
    GT Serie: "Yah-Man"
    GT Cup: Roberto Fecchio
    GT Cup: Dario Paletto
  • FFSA GT Championship
    GT1: Raymond Narac
    GT1: Soheil Ayari
    GT2: Michel Lecourt
    GT2: Richard Balandras
    GT3: Christopher Campbell
  • Italian GT Championship
    Stefano Livio
    Lorenzo Casè
    GT3A: Giacomo Piccini
    GT3A: Giovanni Berton
    GT3B: Marco Coldani
    Cup: Angelo Proietti
  • Japan Le Mans Challenge:2007 Japan Le Mans Challenge season
    LMP1: Hideki Noda
    LMP1: Shinsuke Yamazaki
    LMP1 Teams: Hitotsuyama Racing
    LMP2: Masaru Tomizawa
    LMP2: Yuuji Asou
    LMP2: Tsubasa Kurosawa
    LMP2 Teams: AIM Sports
  • Rolex Sports Car Series:2007 Rolex Sports Car Series season
    DP: Alex Gurney
    DP: Jon Fogarty
    GT: Dirk Werner
  • Spanish GT Championship
    Peter Sundberg
    Domingo Romero
    GTA: Peter Sundberg
    GTA: Domingo Romero
    GTB: José Manuel Pérez-Aicart
    GTB: Oscar Fernández
  • SCCA Speed GT World Challenge
    Randy Pobst
  • Super GT:2007 Super GT season
    GT500: Daisuke Ito
    GT500: Ralph Firman
    GT500 Teams: Honda Racing ARTA
    GT300: Kazuya Oshima
    GT300: Hiroaki Ishiura
    GT300 Teams: Privée KENZO Asset Shiden
  • V de V Challenge
    Proto: Rob Croydon
    GT-Touring: Pierre Benoist
    GT-Touring: Jean-Paul Pagny
  • VLN
    Marco Wolf
    Jürgen Fritzsche
    Heinz-Otto Fritzsche

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