Lishuiqiao Station

Lishuiqiao Station (simplified Chinese: 立水桥站; traditional Chinese: 立水橋站; pinyin: Lìshuǐqiáo Zhàn) is a station on Line 5 and Line 13 of the Beijing Subway.

Beijing Subway stations
Line 5
  • Tiantongyuan North
  • Tiantongyuan
  • Tiantongyuan South
  • Lishuiqiao
  • Lishuiqiao South
  • Beiyuanlu North
  • Datunlu East
  • Huixinxijie Beikou
  • Huixinxijie Nankou
  • Hepingxiqiao
  • Hepingli Beijie
  • Yonghegong Lama Temple
  • Beixinqiao
  • Zhangzizhonglu
  • Dongsi
  • Dengshikou
  • Dongdan
  • Chongwenmen
  • Ciqikou
  • Tiantandongmen
  • Puhuangyu
  • Liujiayao
  • Songjiazhuang
Line 13
  • Xizhimen
  • Dazhongsi
  • Zhichunlu
  • Wudaokou
  • Shangdi
  • Xi'erqi
  • Longze
  • Huilongguan
  • Huoying
  • Lishuiqiao
  • Beiyuan
  • Wangjing West
  • Shaoyaoju
  • Guangximen
  • Liufang
  • Dongzhimen
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Coordinates: 40°03′04″N 116°24′21″E / 40.05111°N 116.40583°E / 40.05111; 116.40583

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