Liraglutide - Marketing


Published reports suggest Novo Nordisk will market liraglutide in the United States with a sales force of 1,900 sales representatives, and the sales force will emphasize the product's weight loss properties.

One of the marketing tactics Novo Nordisk is using to promote Victoza is a reusable coupon that yields a savings of up to $25 per prescription for six prescriptions.

Novo Nordisk has made direct-to-consumer advertising of liraglutide in Sweden (May 2011), through a 6-page supplement in the free newspaper Metro. Although the name of the drug was not explicitly mentioned (this is illegal in the European Union), it could easily be identified through supplied information on dosage and pharmacodynamics.

In January 2012, chef Paula Deen, who is diabetic, and her sons were used in consumer advertising.

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