• (adj): Reduced to liquid form by heating.
    Synonyms: molten, liquified
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Paleoliquefaction Features - Dikes
... Dikes are intrusions of a lower liquefied sand that penetrate strata of an upper, non-liquefied soil ... due to hydraulic fracturing, where the non-liquefied layer is fractured by the water pressure in the liquefied layer ... Lateral spreading, where portions of the non-liquefied layer move either towards relief in the topography or down-slope if the ground isn't level, can cause ...
Energy In Taiwan - Liquefied Natural Gas
... of the Republic of China under Chen Shui-bian was elected in early 2000 promising to approve only liquefied natural gas power projects in the future, and to increase the share of liquefied natural gas of ...
Liquefaction Of Gases
... There the gas is liquefied in the condenser, where the heat of vaporization is released, and evaporated in the evaporator, where the heat of vaporization is absorbed ... Liquefied chlorine is transported for eventual solution in water, after which it is used for water purification, sanitation of industrial waste, sewage and swimming ... At ambient pressure the boiling point of liquefied helium is 4.22 K (-268.93°C) ...
LNG Train
... An LNG train is a liquefied natural gas plant's liquefaction and purification facilities ... To obtain maximum volume reduction, the gas has to be liquefied through the application of refrigeration technology which makes it possible to cool the gas down to approximately -160 °C ... LNG plant consists of one or more trains to compress natural gas into liquefied natural gas ...
Liquid Gas - Liquefied Natural Gas
... Liquefied natural gas is natural gas that has been liquefied for the purpose of storage or transport ... Before transport, natural gas is liquefied by pressurization ... The liquefied gas is then transported through tankers with special airtight compartments ...

More definitions of "liquefied":

  • (adj): Reduced to a liquid state.
    Example: "Liquefied petroleum gas"
    Synonyms: liquified