Linked Glycans

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... In biology glycosylation refers to the enzymatic process that attaches glycans to proteins, lipids, or other organic molecules ... Glycans serve a variety of structural and functional roles in membrane and secreted proteins ... Five classes of glycans are produced N-linked glycans attached to a nitrogen of asparagine or arginine side-chains ...
Glycans and Proteins - O-Linked Glycans - Assembly
... The first monosaccharide attached in the synthesis of O-linked glycans is N-acetyl-galactosamine ... A common structural theme in O-linked glycans is the addition of polylactosamine units to the various core structures ... Polylactosamine chains on O-linked glycans are often capped by the addition of a sialic acid residue (similar to neuraminic acid) ...
Glycans and Proteins - N-Linked Glycans - Functions and Importance
... N-linked glycans are extremely important in proper protein folding in eukaryotic cells ... as calnexin and calreticulin, bind to the three glucose residues present on the core N-linked glycan ... three glucose residues are removed, and the glycan moves on to further processing reactions ...

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