Limited Access

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Types Of Roads - Types of Roads
2+1 road 2+2 road Farm to Market Road Limited access grade-separated highways Autobahn Auto-estrada Autopista Autostrada Autostrasse Controlled-access highway Expressway, a term used inconsistently ...
New York State Route 12 - History - Bypasses
... has been realigned onto divided highways and limited-access highways over the years, particularly in Oneida County, to bypass communities along its routing ... Farther south, in Utica, a new limited-access highway was built through the downtown portion of the city in the early 1960s ... A limited-access highway bypassing Trenton Road and linking the Utica expressway and the Barneveld–Remsen bypass was completed by 1973, resulting in the rerouting of NY 12 onto the roadway ...
Speed Limits In The United States - Jurisdictional Distinctions - Virginia
... speed limit "shall be 55 mph on interstate highways or other limited access highways with divided roadways, nonlimited access highways having four or more lanes, and all state primary highways." "The ... the other on I-64.) The statute also allows 60-mph speed limits on a number of specified non-limited access, multilane, divided highways ...
List Of Mexican Autopistas
... This is a list of autopistas, or intercity limited-access tolled freeways, in Mexico ... autopista other federal highways do not have limited access sections ... The Mexican limited access highway network is the largest in the Americas outside the USA ...
Culture Of Rhode Island - Transportation - Limited Access Highways
... Interstate 195 provides a limited-access highway connection from Providence (and Connecticut and New York via I-95) to Cape Cod ... Route 6 through northern Rhode Island is limited-access and links I-295 with downtown Providence ... Rhode Island highways extend the state's limited-access highway network ...

Famous quotes containing the words access and/or limited:

    Oh, the holiness of always being the injured party. The historically oppressed can find not only sanctity but safety in the state of victimization. When access to a better life has been denied often enough, and successfully enough, one can use the rejection as an excuse to cease all efforts. After all, one reckons, “they” don’t want me, “they” accept their own mediocrity and refuse my best, “they” don’t deserve me.
    Maya Angelou (b. 1928)

    Moreover, the universe as a whole is infinite, for whatever is limited has an outermost edge to limit it, and such an edge is defined by something beyond. Since the universe has no edge, it has no limit; and since it lacks a limit, it is infinite and unbounded. Moreover, the universe is infinite both in the number of its atoms and in the extent of its void.
    Epicurus (c. 341–271 B.C.)