Lim or LIM refers to:

  • Laboratory Institute of Merchandising, a college in New York City
  • A symbol for the limit (mathematics) operator
  • Lim (musical instrument), a Bhutanese flute
  • Lim (name), a variation of Im or Lin
  • Linear induction motor
  • Logical Information Machines, a provider of datasets of energy and financial prices
  • LIM domain, a protein-protein interaction domain
  • Lanes in metres, a unit of measure for cargo ships
  • Lotus-Intel-Microsoft, the alliance responsible for the Expanded memory specification


  • Airport code for Jorge Chávez International Airport (in Lima, Peru)
  • Lim (Croatia), a bay and a valley
  • Lim (river), in Montenegro, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia
  • Lim (river), UK, a small river in Dorset, Great Britain
  • The Limfjord, a water channel in Denmark
  • Lim Island, see Adır Island in Lake Van, Turkey

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