Likelihood (eikos, versimilis) captures the idea that something is likely to happen or to have happened. As a formal concept, it has appeared in jurisprudence, commerce and scholasticism long before it was given a rigorous mathematical foundation.

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State Of North Queensland - Likelihood
... Theories arising around the likelihood of North Queensland separating refer to an inevitable push for statehood based around contributing factors ...
Likelihood Function
... Likelihood is a function of how likely an event is, which is weaker than probability (or odds in favor) ... In statistics, a likelihood function is a function of the parameters of a statistical model, defined as follows the likelihood of a set of parameter ... Likelihood functions play a key role in statistical inference, especially methods of estimating a parameter using a statistics (a function of the data) ...
Statistical Proof - Bayes Theorem
... the prior probability of a statistical model (Pr ) with the likelihood (Pr ) to produce a posterior probability distribution of the parameter (Pr ) ... The posterior probability is the likelihood that the parameter is correct given the observed data or samples statistics ... It provides a measure of the data and if it has increased or decreased the likelihood of one hypotheses relative to another ...
Logrithm - Applications - Probability Theory and Statistics
... Logarithms are used for maximum-likelihood estimation of parametric statistical models ... For such a model, the likelihood function depends on at least one parameter that must be estimated ... A maximum of the likelihood function occurs at the same parameter-value as a maximum of the logarithm of the likelihood (the "log likelihood"), because ...
Support Curve
... Edwards, to describe the graph of the natural logarithm of the likelihood function ... and the graph has a direct interpretation in the context of maximum likelihood estimation and likelihood-ratio tests ...

Famous quotes containing the word likelihood:

    Sustained unemployment not only denies parents the opportunity to meet the food, clothing, and shelter needs of their children but also denies them the sense of adequacy, belonging, and worth which being able to do so provides. This increases the likelihood of family problems and decreases the chances of many children to be adequately prepared for school.
    James P. Comer (20th century)

    What likelihood is there of corrupting a man who has no ambition?
    Samuel Richardson (1689–1761)