Light Novels

Light Novels

A light novel (ライトノベル, raito noberu?) is a style of Japanese novel primarily targeting middle and high school students (young adult demographic). "Light novel" is a wasei-eigo, or a Japanese term formed from words in the English language. Such short, light novels are often called ranobe (ラノベ?) or LN in the West. They are typically not more than 40,000–50,000 words long (the shorter ones being equivalent to a novella in US publishing terms), rarely exceed 200 pages, often have dense publishing schedules, are usually published in bunkobon size, and are often illustrated. The text is often serialized in anthology magazines before collection in book form.

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... See also List of Higurashi no Naku Koro ni novels There are four light novels which contain additional illustrations by five different artists, and ... Each novel is written by Ryukishi07 ... The light novels were all released as limited editions not sold in stores ...
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... Bodyguard (ボディガード?) light novels by Riuto Takeuchi (たけうち りうと, Takeuchi Riuto?) Maria-sama ga Miteru light novels by Oyuki Konno (今野 緒雪, Konno Oyuki?), including the Buddha Watches ...
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... no Naku Koro ni Kuradashi-hen (ひぐらしのなく頃に 蔵出し編) 2007 ISBN N/A This novel is a compilation of the ideas and stories that Ryukishi07 could not incorporate into the games ...
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... While still the main focus in the light novels, her character is somewhat different ... the same personality, though Fumika in the novel, for one, hates all insects vehemently and will not even go near them ... carries is named Kanaka in the anime and Mayama in the light novels, and are drastically different between the two media ...
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... Even though cheap, pulp novels were present in Japan in years prior, 1975 is considered by some to be a symbolical beginning of the history of ranobe ... In the 1980s, epic novels by Tanaka Yoshiki — Legend of Galactic Heroes and Heroic Legend of Arslan — took young male Japanese audiences by storm ... Also, RPG-inspired Record of Lodoss War novels achieved popularity ...

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    Some time ago a publisher told me that there are four kinds of books that seldom, if ever, lose money in the United States—first, murder stories; secondly, novels in which the heroine is forcibly overcome by the hero; thirdly, volumes on spiritualism, occultism and other such claptrap, and fourthly, books on Lincoln.
    —H.L. (Henry Lewis)

    True eloquence makes light of eloquence, true morality makes light of morality; that is to say, the morality of the judgment, which has no rules, makes light of the morality of the intellect.... To make light of philosophy is to be a true philosopher.
    Blaise Pascal (1623–1662)