Light Horse Regiments

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Egyptian Expeditionary Force Order of Battle 1917 - Order of Battle October 1917
230th Brigade 231st Brigade Corps Cavalry Regiment – 1/2nd County of London Yeomanry Corps Artillery – 96th Heavy Artillery Group XXI Corps (Lieutenant General Sir E.S. 156th (Scottish Rifles) Brigade 157th (Highland Light Infantry) Brigade 54th (East Anglian) Division (Major General S.W ... Palin) 232nd Brigade 233rd Brigade 234th Brigade Corps Cavalry Regiment – Composite Yeomanry Regt ...
Australian Light Horse - Post World War I
... After the war, the light horse regiments were distributed as follows 1st Cavalry Brigade (Toowoomba, Queensland) 2nd, 5th, 11th, 14th Light Horse Regiments 2nd Cavalry ... The 20th Light Horse Regiment, as the 20th Motor Regiment, served overseas, at Merauke ... The 1st Light Horse Regiment became the 1st Tank Battalion, and as such fought in New Guinea and Borneo ...
12th/16th Hunter River Lancers - History
... Both regiments were established in the 1880s and underwent a series of unit name and number changes prior to 1914 ... A volunteer cavalry regiment was raised in June 1897 and was designated the 'Australian Horse' ... The subunits from this regiment were the forerunners of the New England Light Horse and Hunter River Lancers ...
Battle Of Romani - Battle On 4 August - Mount Royston Counterattack
... checked to the north by the 3rd and 6th Light Horse Regiments (1st and 2nd Light Horse Brigades), and under constant bombardment from the horse artillery and the ... At 1000, the front held by the two light horse brigades faced south from a point 700 yards (640 m) northwest of No ... As the line had fallen back, the 2nd and 3rd Light Horse Regiments (1st Light Horse Brigade) had come in between the 6th and 7th Light Horse Regiments (2nd Light Horse Brigade) from right to left, the line was ...
Australian Light Horse
... The Australian Light Horse were mounted troops who served during the Second Boer War and World War I that combined characteristics of both cavalry and mounted ... Volunteer Light Horse Regiments were established around Australia supported by the Rifle Club movement which provided semi trained reinforcements for the various formations ... Light horse were like mounted infantry in that they usually fought dismounted, using their horses as transport to the battlefield and as a means of swift disengagement ...

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