Liga Veneta

Liga Veneta (Łiga Vèneta, Venetian League, LV) is a regionalist political party based in Veneto, which in its ideology combines Venetism and fiscal federalism. Liga Veneta is by far the largest party in Veneto (35.2% in the last regional election) and the party of Luca Zaia, who has served as President of Veneto since March 2010.

It was the first party of its kind in Northern Italy, predating Umberto Bossi's Lega Lombarda by four years, and was a founding member of Lega Nord, a federation of regionalist parties of Northern Italy (which they call Padania), in 1991. Since then Liga Veneta is a "national" section of the federal party, thus retaining some autonomy.

Since June 2012 Flavio Tosi, Mayor of Verona, has been the party's leader.

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... In 2010 he was replaced by Luca Zaia (Liga Veneta–Lega Nord), whose coalition includes also The People of Freedom, successor of Forza Italia ... This was the political background in which Liga Veneta was launched in 1980 ... Then, other Venetist parties, such as Liga Veneta Repubblica and North-East Project, emerged, but they never touched the popularity of Liga Veneta, which was a founding member of Lega Nord in 1991 ...
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... clashes with Umberto Bossi, Fabrizio Comencini, national secretary of Liga Veneta since 1994, tried to lead the party out of the Lega Nord federation ... he was finally expelled from the party and replaced by Gian Paolo Gobbo as leader of Liga Veneta ... Subsequently seven out of eight members of the Liga Veneta–Lega Nord's group in the Regional Council of Veneto (Fabrizio Comencini, Ettore Beggiato, Alessio Morosin, Mariangelo Foggiato, Alberto Poir ...
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... He is member of Liga Veneta-Lega Nord ... During his second term he joined Mayor Lucio Facco into Liga Veneta Repubblica ... Thanks to his personal appeal, his party won 14.9%, defeating Liga Veneta in one of its strongholds, and he was elected in the second round with 50.9% of the vote, also with the support of two ...
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... a very good result the combined score of Liga Veneta (14.7%), North-East Project (5.4%) and Liga Fronte Veneto (1.2%) was 21.3%, up from the 15.6% of 2000 (Liga Veneta 12.0%, Veneti d'Europa 2.4% and ... swing seats party group Giancarlo Galan 1,365,698 50.6 12 Forza Italia 523,176 22.7 -7.6 39 ... Liga Veneta–Lega Nord 337,535 14.7 +2.7 11 ... National Alliance 185,293 8.1 -1.7 6 ... Union of Christian and ...