Lifting Sanctions

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Jesse Helms - Second Senate Term (1979–1985) - New Senate Term
... along with Samuel Hayakawa for the immediate lifting of sanctions on his government and complaining of the inconsistency of lifting them on Uganda immediately after Idi ... line and implying that there was enough support in the Senate to lift sanctions without a settlement ... introduced legislation that demanded immediate lifting of the sanctions as negotiations progressed, Helms complied more with the administration's line, although Ted Kennedy accused Carter of conceding the ...

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    Strange that so few ever come to the woods to see how the pine lives and grows and spires, lifting its evergreen arms to the light,—to see its perfect success; but most are content to behold it in the shape of many broad boards brought to market, and deem that its true success! But the pine is no more lumber than man is, and to be made into boards and houses is no more its true and highest use than the truest use of a man is to be cut down and made into manure.
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