License Plate

  • (noun): A plate mounted on the front and back of car and bearing the car's registration number.
    Synonyms: numberplate

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SAM 123
... SAM 123 is a fictitious license plate number in the United States and Canada, often reserved for use as an example license plate, similar to the way the 555 telephone number is a fictitious ... use SAM 123, with it appearing on regularly issued license plates ... Some of the uses include photographs of license plates for advertising purposes, for use as a fictitious license plate on automobiles in films, and for any other ...
Myth Busters (2007 Season) - Episode 87 – "Myth Revolution" - Beating The Speed Camera
... Re-Busted The reflective cover failed to obscure the license plate ... Re-Busted The commercial spray failed to obscure the license plate ...
Snot Rod - Race Fans - Fred
... Everybody knows his name because his license plate holder and license plate say "Hello, my name is" and "FRED", respectively ... the gate on sight as a celebrity) likewise reads his license plate, Fred says, "Mario Andretti knows my name! You gotta let me in now!" He is seen in Radiator Springs at the end of the ...
Industrial Ecology - Principles
... makes a policy stating that only cars with an even license plate number can drive on Tuesdays and Thursdays ... Odd license plate numbers can drive on Wednesdays and Fridays ... The first effect could be that people buy a second car, with a specific demand for license plate numbers, so they can drive every day ...
History Of Vehicle Registration Plates Of The Philippines - Gallery
... Manila license plate from 1954 (6882) 1961 license plate from Manila celebrating Rizal's 100th birthday (L*19551) License plate from Rizal, issued in 1965 ... (B*23698) 1972 license plate from Rizal (15-09Y) ...

Famous quotes containing the words plate and/or license:

    Say “Yessum” to the ladies, an’ “Yessur” to the men,
    And when they’s company, don’t pass yer plate for pie again;
    But, thinkin’ of the things yer’d like to see upon that tree,
    Jes ‘fore Christmas be as good as yer kin be!
    Eugene Field (1850–1895)

    Surely the fates are forever kind, though Nature’s laws are more immutable than any despot’s, yet to man’s daily life they rarely seem rigid, but permit him to relax with license in summer weather. He is not harshly reminded of the things he may not do.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)