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Modern Liberalism In The United States - Philosophy of Modern Liberalism - Free Speech
... American liberals describe themselves as open to change and receptive to new ideas ... For example, liberals typically accept scientific ideas that some conservatives reject, such as evolution and global warming ... Liberals tend to oppose the Supreme Court's "Citizens United" ruling in 2010 that a corporation's first amendment right to free speech encompasses freedom to donate to any political party ...
Robert Cruise
... Cruise was elected as a Liberal in the 1911 federal election, however, as a result of the Conscription Crisis of 1917 he and many other English-Canadian Liberals crossed the floor to support the Union government ... The Conscription question split the Liberal party with loyalists to party leader Sir Wilfrid Laurier styling themselves Laurier Liberals and supporters of the ... He sat in parliament as a Unionist (Conservative and Liberal) ...
Party Of New Liberals
... The Party of New Liberals (Greek Kόμμα των Nεοφιλελευθέρων) was a shortly lived liberal political party in Greece ... The New Liberals merged into the New Democracy party in 1978 ...
Republicans, Liberals, Reformers
... Republicans, Liberals, Reformers (Repubblicani, Liberali, Riformatori) was a federation of parties in Italy ... on March 18, 2007 by the Italian Republican Party (PRI) and the Italian Liberal Party (PLI), both tiny liberal parties in the centre-right House of Freedoms ... principally at uniting the Republican and the Liberal traditions, but also at forming joint-list for the next elections and especially for the 2009 ...

Famous quotes containing the word liberals:

    The liberals can understand everything but people who don’t understand them.
    Lenny Bruce (1925–1966)

    The liberals have not softened their view of actuality to make themselves live closer to the dream, but instead sharpen their perceptions and fight to make the dream actuality or give up the battle in despair.
    Margaret Mead (1901–1978)