Liangshan may refer to the following places in China:

  • Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture (凉山彝族自治州), Sichuan
  • Liangshan County (梁山县), Shandong
  • Mount Liang (梁山), a mountain in Shandong, well known for Water Margin
  • Liangshan, Jiangxi (良山镇), town in Yushui District, Xinyu
  • Liangshan, Liaoning (梁山镇), town in Xinmin
  • Liangshan, Shaanxi (梁山镇), town in Qian County
  • Liangshan, Shandong (梁山镇), town in and seat of Liangshan County

Other articles related to "liangshan":

Sun Xin (Water Margin) - Becoming An Outlaw
... They flee to Liangshan Marsh to join the outlaws there afterwards ... He brings along those who followed him to Liangshan earlier ... Sun Li proves his loyalty by capturing Liangshan's Shi Xiu during a duel ...
Li Jun (Water Margin) - Contributions To Liangshan
... Li Jun becomes one of the leaders of the Liangshan navy and contributes significantly to Liangshan during their battles with the imperial army and other enemies of Liangshan ... enemy city of Suzhou and acts as a spy for Liangshan, aiding friendly forces in capturing the city by disrupting the enemy's activities ...
Sun Li (Water Margin) - Joining Liangshan
... They flee to Liangshan Marsh for refuge after that and become outlaws ... At that time, the Liangshan outlaws are locked in a stalemate during a battle with the Zhu Family Village ... bringing along those who followed him to Liangshan earlier ...
List Of Water Margin Minor Characters - Zeng Family Fortress
... He was originally at odds with Liangshan but regrets after losing two of his sons ... tries to reconcile and come to a truce with Liangshan but fails ... in an ambush while attempting to launch a sneak attack on the Liangshan camp ...
Shi En - Campaigns and Death
... Shi En follows the outlaws back to Liangshan Marsh after the great battle at Qingzhou (in present-day Shandong) and joins the Liangshan cause of "delivering justice on Heaven's behalf" ... He becomes one of the leaders of the Liangshan infantry after the Grand Assembly ...